Saturday, 21 June 2008

Guess Who Is Back????

I am back!!!!! with a brand new Sony laptop! the same one as James Bond has LOL!
Its on my credit card which is not good..........but I could not live without a laptop and my 2 year old laptop was going to cost alot of money to be fixed. I wanted a new laptop by Christmas anyway so whats a few months early? haha.

  • I have had alot of time to think being away from the computer and not scrapping for ages! work is getting me down and I know its time for me to leave, but there are not many jobs around at the moment.
  • I have the latest Sweet Spuds kit to play with but have ran out of glue!
  • I am growing out my hairstyle! it was like Victoria Beckhams but now I am growing it into one length bob.
  • I am loving Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough Ice-cream! and have eaten a whole tub in 3 days!
  • I need to get my lazy butt into the gym again! but I am too tired today and would rather go shopping! even though I have no money because I have bought this laptop.

I hope to be scrapping soon xxx

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Broken Laptop

Sorry for the lack of updates! my laptop has broke and so has the power lead!
I am using my brothers computer to type this! and look at my emails quickly!

He is studying for his exams though and so I won't be able to use this much until next week.

I am torn between getting it fixed or buying a new laptop!

In the meantime, I am sorry I have been a rubbish blogger and I have not been commenting much on blogs and galleries!

I hope to be back ASAP xxxxx

Saturday, 7 June 2008

I am Back!!!!

I am back! I am sorry I have been a rubbish blogger but I have been Ill! I have come online a little bit to comment on layouts and blogs but I have not been my normal self! that and the fact that I have been super busy ment any time I have had to myself I have been laying in bed with a DVD! but I am good now and back scrapping!!!!!!!!! This is for the latest OLW challenge! I had to use these photos of my mum and I making a wish at the Trevi Fountain in Rome, she kept saying "Remember Nik you only get one wish" so I had to think about it carefully. See if you can see the cute little blue bird Kitty Robot button!

I used this months gorgeous Dozens Kit for both of these layouts! I love these kits they just keep getting better and better.
Now this layout is of my parents and my Aunt and Uncle at the Grand Canyon. They went to Las Vegas in November last year and this paper was perfect for a layout of the Canyon! my mum is going to frame this layout and put it somewhere in the house!

Here are a couple of my latest 365 photos! I am now behind! my new little miss giggle top! which suits me because everyone calls me a "Giggler". and my new nail varnish, the color is beautiful.

Tonight I am going to see Sex And The City with my cousian and out for a pizza! I cannot wait to see this movie!!!!