Tuesday, 29 April 2008

New Blog Header and Ramblings

What do you think of my new header??? A couple of people have noticed it already! thank you for the comments! I wanted a bit of a change so added new music too.
  1. Here are a couple of photos from Rome the Trevi Fountain and me trowing a coin in.......if you throw a coin backwards into the fountain you will return to Rome (I sure hope so).

2. Cannot wait till this weekend! Monday is a UK holiday so its a 3 day weekend, lots of scrapping, painting and watching old movies!

3. Love that it is light when I get home! and the sun is starting to come out showing signs that summer is here.

4. I am having a spending spree on ASOS DOT COM! there is so much new stock on that site, got to get me some.

Sunday, 27 April 2008

Scrapping At Last

At last I had a morning to scrap a couple of layouts! and its now 1pm! I got two kits while I was on Holiday and I started working my way through the Dozens Kit for these two layouts of Rome.
The papers are perfect for scrapping my photos of Italy! I was tagged by Laura this week to post 7 random facts about myself.........here they are!
1. I once saw Snape from Harry Potter (Alan Rickman) In London and he said hello to me.
2. My favorite food is Sushi.
3. I once wanted to be a chef because I loved cooking so much! but decided I wanted cooking as a hobby rather than a career.
4. My favorite moment ever was flying over New York In a helicopter.
5. I used to create and write lyrics to songs
6. I drink too much diet pepsi
7. The top song on my I-pod playlist this week is "Daylight" By Kelly Rowland.

Have a great weekend. xx

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Guess Who Is Back?????????

I had an AMAZING time in Rome Italy! I we took over 200 photos! I have picked a few to share with you in this post but I will keep posting photos over the next few weeks.

These two photos are my FAVORITES! on my mission was to have my photo taken with some gladiators outside the Colosseum! and I did it! wooo! I love these photos and love how scared my mum looks! the gladiator next to me kept saying how beautiful I was.......ciao bella!
The city is breathtaking, the following photos are of our first day, we arrived at 1pm and had lunch and had a walk past the collosseum, up to the top of a building where we walked up hundreds of stairs but the view was worth it. We then walked back to our hotel and settled in and had a meal at a nearby restaurant and then back to the hotels for cocktails.
One Day it was very hot weather just like Saturday we walked to the Trevi Fountain which was so beautiful and magnificent! we visited the spanish steps and had a tour of the Collesseum which I found very intersting, the whole story of the gladiators and how it was built and how when it was not used anymore the peasents of the city took the metal out of the building to make money and to build houses.......that is why the collesseum has so many holes in it. I could go on forever talking about it!

We shopped and had dinner in a Pizzeria and sat outside, the pizza was delicious and a band played music "Thats Amore" as we ate.

The first day photos of the collesseum and me in the hotel bar with my cosmopolitan.
There was the same barman every night he made the best cocktails I have ever tasted.
I am still going through my photos and there are so many more I want to share we spent a whole day on a guided tour of the Vatican which simply amazing and the sistean chapel made me speechless! and emotional to think that Michael Angelo painted that ceiling all those years ago and the st Peters was huge and there was so much to look at.
I could go on forever about how much of a wonderful time we had. The ice cream was gorgeous and the people are so friendly and yes the men are GORGEOUS!!!! I got called a "blonde bombshell" by a waiter and a guy at reception said "you are how they say in England cute" in an Itallian accent! I never get those kinds of compliments so I loved it lol!
I will be posting more photos and more details of my trip! and I will be scrapping this weekend if I can get all my washing and ironing done! lol xxx

Thursday, 17 April 2008

On Vactation To Rome

YAY! At last one more day till my trip to Rome!!!! so excited! I am really disorganized though I am only just starting to pack!
I have been learning all the basic words of Italian all week, please, thank you, hello goodbye etc. I think its rude to go to another country and not know basic words like that!
I cannot wait to taste the gorgeous pizzas, pasta and ice-cream!
I will be back next week! xxxxx

Sunday, 13 April 2008

I Got My Mojo Back!

Two posts in two days! wow I am back on track lol! I got my mojo back this morning! wohoo! my mind is usually full of ideas, I have to write them down, but this week my mind has been on other things and planning my trip next weekend, that when I thought of scrapping my mind was blank.......nothing popped into my head. Until this morning YAY! I woke up at 8am to scrap this layout. Its for the latest scrap mojo challenge, I created a layout to help me plan what to take with me on my trip to Italy.

With work stressing me out I have not really had time to think about my Holiday to Rome, and all of a sudden its next weekend! This layout has helped me so much and I am looking forward to going to Rome next weekend. I am sticking this layout on my mirror, to remind me what to take!

I treated myself to a new I-pod Nano yesterday! I love it, its so cute and I will use it on my holiday, I am sitting here trying to upload some tunes, could anyone give me some good tunes???? I am on number 20 and now I cannot think of anymore. Whenever I am driving I always hear songs and think "I must download that" and then I forget it lol!

Here are some links I am loving right now.

I am spending the rest of my Sunday watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer, making cookies and checking all of my travel documents are ok!

Have a great Day!

Saturday, 12 April 2008

Early Birthday Pressie

I have nothing scrapping to share! I have lots of stuff to play with but have had no time! and I am hoping to try to get one layout done tomorrow! Its been a busy week I had an interview, found out they really liked me and was in the running for the job and they were interviewing till the end of the week, but I have not heard and I know it is a no, work has been stressful and my car is playing up! the breaks and the gear stick. I am also trying to get organized for Rome which is exactly a week today.

My mum gave me an early birthday present this morning, she knows how stressed I am and as we are in Rome for my birthday on 21st I have been given this gorgeous bag early! I LOVE IT! its so bright and different. My mum said she has some little presents she is taking on our trip so I can open them when I am there.

A closeup of my bag! I love this cluster of goodness lol.
Other news is I have upgraded my flickr account to a pro account! wooo! about time! haha, here is a latest photo from my 365 day project, I got my haircut on Thursday.

I wish I could style it like this perfect. My hairdresser makes it look so easy!

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Winter WonderLand In April..........

ITS SNOWING!!! and its settled on the floor which never happens in the UK! people in my road are making snowman so cool!
I LOVE houndstooth at the moment and created this layout of Roxie as a kitten yesterday afternoon when I had some time I used some new Love Elsie Claire too!

I also got some new Bampop in the mail this week! and had to play with it this morning! here is what my creative space looked like this morning! I was not getting my inspiration sitting at my craft table to I set up camp on the floor! lol and here is what I created.
This layout is of me in 1998 when I fell down the stairs and broke my ankle! I am such a clumsy girl! it happend at school on my 2nd day there! I remember this photo being taken, I am in my football shirt because we were watching our team play a match on TV!

I am loving star prints at the moment! I bought this bracelet last week, and have a new blouse which is blue and has star prints in gold!

I need to sort my head out.......so much I want to do so I am going to make a list of what needs to be done and what timeframes. I have another interview this week which I do not think I will get but its good to have an interview and every interview is an experience in life. I think its better to be positive about things rather then think you will not win something or ever achieve just think you will but all the rejections before are just experiences that make us stronger!


Thursday, 3 April 2008

Stacey Fike Swap

Ok I had to post this real quick before I go food shopping. Here is a layout I created for a Swap with the wonderful Stacey Fike! I painted around the photo which is a new technique for me! but I like how it turned out, painted around the layout and did some doodles too.

Here is the layout she created for me!

WOW isn't it AMAZING!!!! I love the colors and the design, its perfect! photo swaps are so much fun and great for inspiration.

One more day till the weekend and gosh I need a break! In 16 days I will be here........

Rome Italy! this is my hotel bar/terrace with a view of the Colleseum its a 4 star modern hotel! a 4 night break is just what I need! I cannot wait to visit this wonderful city full of culture.

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

April Fools Day!!!

I was asked to be one of this months DT of scrapmusik go and check out the song its so much fun, and really catchy.

How funny is this........I have been shopping in Bluewater for years......I go every other weekend and I never noticed that this hello kitty shop opened, I must be stupid I know! I cannot believe it was right under my nose all this time and I never saw it!
I just got these little pumps in the mail! black with little dimontes on them! they are so cute! and comfortable, I am 5ft 6 so do not need to wear heals much apart from at work, I love my pumps and ugg boots.
My DT term at Scrapping The Music has ended! its been 6 months I cannot believe it has gone so fast, I learnt so much and it was a great experience.......as they say one door closes and another one opens. Except a new door has not opened yet!!!