Sunday, 30 March 2008

This Cat Is Bananas

I had the best wake up call Saturday morning! my doorbell rang and Mr postman bought me the March Dozens Kit I LOVE IT! its packed full of fun and vintage goodies. I was going to save it till next week but could not resist creating this layout as soon as I saw this monkey pp! I knew I had to create a layout about one of the many songs I sing to Roxie. When she is in a crazy mood "This Cat Is Bananas" haha I kept singing it all day yesterday. I will be creating with the rest of the kit next weekend! I had other kits I needed to use up this weekend.

I used up my Sweet Spuds kit for this layout. The latest Overlooked challenge! This photo is what was in my fridge a few weeks ago. I had fun with this layout because I typed on my dymo and stuck the food labels next to the food and wrote on the layout which was fun to do.

After my spring clean last weekend I am now feeling that it was a waste of time. I have paints everywhere, brown parcels full of kits and paper and I am back to square one with the organisation. I got my Zingboom SISTV vintage collection at the end of last week! I love things like this I am thinking of a good use for them so I might save them for a while.
It was pouring with rain yesterday so I stayed at home and scrapped and watched some movies and we bought the whole of Buffy The Vampire Slayer on DVD so have been watching that. Today I have been cooking fruit cake and soup and the house smells lovely and fresh.

I will leave you with a sneak peak of a layout I can post on 1st March! Have a great Sunday!

Monday, 24 March 2008

Thought Of The Week.....

I will start this week with a positive thought of the week! "Enjoy Relaxing and Creating" I created this today........I got up early and felt like doodling so got my pens out. I am sticking this on my noticeboard to remind me thats what I enjoy and to forget about work this week and look forward to the weekend of relaxing and creating. This 4 day break has been brilliant because that is all I have done.......and shopped too much lol.
Here is a layout I did for fun yesterday! Easter Sunday by the time I had scrapped this I had taken a polaroid photo, spring cleaned and eaten chocolate and jellybeans. Had to get the paint out and fun embellies I felt like doing a crazy page.
So into this site at the moment for kawaii goodies
Check out THESE cute fabrics from etsy
On that note I shall leave you with a photo from my 365 project
This break has gone so fast, back to work tomorrow. I spent today eating a lindt chocolate bunny and watching The Devil Wears Prada. Then I put a bunch of photos into albums.
Hope you all have a great week. xx

Saturday, 22 March 2008

A Day In London........

This morning I got up and scrapped this layout for Category Stories, what would you do if you had a million $$$$$???? I would buy an apartment in NYC, run my own candy store or bakery and buy a yellow cab! I had so much fun with this layout!!!
Yesterday I had the best day up town London Baby!!!! I live 20 minutes away on the train and I am lucky to live near here! even though I am always in London I still love seeing the sights like Big Ben and Buckingham Palace ! and I got a black cab yesterday to Oxford street and did some shopping in Selfridges.....

Whats in the Selfridges Bag??????

Yummy marshmellow easter shake! how cute is that? it looks too good to eat! I had to buy it, In selfridges they have a huge food hall and candy area you could get lost in it.

& this little choccie bunny! I love Lindt chocolate its delicous! I also bought some jelly beans and a new pen.
OOOOOOOh and I got two bags for my birthday from Top Shop! the biggest Top Shop in the world is on oxford street and my fav bags "Pauls Boutique" are there! so my mum treated me to two for my birthday...........I was sooooooooo excited! Its difficult to tell you how much I love them without photos! I will have to show you on my birthday in a month! because when I got home my mum took away the bags and said "No are not getting these until your birthday" eeek! I cannot wait!!!!
& I am totally into Photoswaps right now! I have just organized one at SISTV and I would love to do some more! having talented people scrap your photos then receiving the layouts in the mail is just the best! any one fancy a photoswap????? Email me

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

YAY for 4 day weeks.

So many little things to update I am going to do it as a summary.
  • The next Kitty Robot kit is up for sale tomorrow! the above photo is a sneak! it looks so good doesn't it?
  • Tomorrow is the last day at work before Easter break. Here in the UK we get Friday and Monday off work, so thats a 4 day weekend WOOOHOOOO!!!!!
  • Friday I am going shopping in London! up Oxford street and covent garden, most of the day I will spend in Selfridges! I love shopping in London, its only 20 minutes away on the train.........but I always shop till I drop! its so tiring!

  • Love this owl lounge wear! there is a sweater which matches as a set! I might have to buy it!

  • I received some New Love Elsie *Claire* papers and embellies this week! I cannot wait to start scrapping with them! I have two days of scrapping planned this weekend! I hope I can get some creative things done. I have about 3 brown mail boxes on my craft table at the moment, the 2 March kits, which still have goodies inside to scrap and one full of Love Elsie and thicker stickers! I need to sort out my supplies lol.

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Happy Birthday DAD!!! & Sunday Layouts

Happy Birthday Dad! 51 today! its 2pm here and he is so far not having a good day........him and my mum have just broke down in their car while going to the pub for a drink, and its pouring with rain, they are waiting for the breakdown service to collect them! this afternoon we are having a takeaway and watching his favorite film......I hope the day gets better lol.
This layout is for this weeks challenge over at Scrapping The Music I used my sweet spuds kit (which rocks) this song is "Fly Away" I used the lyrics "I want to get away" right now all I want is a break, I cannot wait to go to Rome in Italy next month.

Here is another layout using the sweet spuds March kit! my sweet little Roxie looking like a teddy bear in this photo! love the AC sparkle thickers! I still have half of the kit left so watch this space.

next weekend is easter weekend here in the UK which means we all get Friday and Monday off work! two 4 day weeks wooop! and that means more time to scrap! YAY! I was feeling like I lost my mojo the last week as I had other things on my mind, today I got up and found my mojo and created these two layouts.

Have a great Sunday.....I hope my dad's birthday turns out better.

Friday, 14 March 2008

Positive Thinking

Thanks so much to everyone who commented on my last post! I am trying to be positive now and not feel sorry for myself lol! I will find another job its just going to take time because I want to find the right job in the perfect location.

Funny enough I went for an interview Wednesday and 1. It was too far too travel 2. I did not like the place it just did not feel right, and guess what?????? I got that job!!! the agency called me and said they really liked me and wanted me to meet the management and I said I did not want the job.........because I want to make sure I find somewhere I like. Its made me feel more confident because I feel that I can get a job but have to be patient and find the right one!

Here are a couple of my latest 365 days photos, me in my new scrave which I love! and my favorite hot chocolate "options" and its only got 50cals per serving but tastes like it has 1000 cals in it lol its so chocolaty!

Its 6.30am here Saturday morning I am up so early because Roxie kitty was crying lol! I have a note from the post office saying they have a parcel for me to pick up..........could it be the Sweet Spuds Kit?????? eeek! so excited! I am going to drive and pick it up before I go shopping.

Hope to do some scrapping so check back soon have a great weekend. xx

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Trying To Stay Positive.

This week has been a stressful one! no luck with interviews or new jobs and with work getting to me more and more I think its all just getting me down! so it is good I have had a nice relaxing weekend.

Saturday - I went shopping in the morning to buy my friend a birthday present, I also bought myself some clothes, candy, and a heated hair brush, all one my credit card! and I also bought some sushi for my lunch Yummo! I came home, and scrapped the above layout "Best Days" for the latest category stories challenge! my best days are like the day I had Saturday, shopping, scrapping, and eating sushi! I used paint, crayons and sakura pens to color the rainbows, it took me ages.

Sunday - Today I have been sooooooo tired! I spoke to my mom and she thinks I am stressed with work because I basically manage finance all by myself at 20 years old, and that combined with looking for another job is stressful. I got up at 6am to clean Roxies Tray and let her come up for a morning cuddle, I have been so tired I had breakfast, did my ironing and slept 11am till 12pm then I scrapped the above layout for Scrap Mojo.

My mom has let me have some old photos of me when I was young, and I thought this was a great photo to scrap "Oh The Places You Will Go" back then at 3 years old, I had so many dreams and I never knew where I would be by the time I was 20. I seem to be at a negative place in my life right now and this layout reminds me that things will get better, I still have alot to look forward to, and I need to stay positive because thinking "I will never get a job, knowone wants me" is not a good way to be. Also people have bigger problems then I do.

This layout really makes me smile! infact every layout I have created recently has made me smile, I feel I am a comfortable scrapper.

I will leave you with this snap of my sushi I ate yesterday. I am off to watch some friends on TV.

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

New Haircut

Hey! I am in the blogging mood, I took the above photo for 365 days my new candy smarties bowl from Urban Outfiters and have bought some Jolly Ranchers to put in eat haha! I am calling this bowl my "Candy Bowl" I will fill the bowl with candy and put it in my room.
NEW HAIRCUT!!!! I had my haircut on Saturday! I have wanted to go for a drastic change, shorter, so I was brave and had my hair cut short. This is the pictures straight after I had it done, but I am finding it really difficult to dry and get it perfect like this myself. I am a girl who's hair is naturally straight, so when it was long I just rough dried it and never needed to straighten it, so its difficult, but I am sure I will get used to it. Everyone likes my new hair apart from my mum, and hers in the opinion I value most.......even when I am 20 years older I know I will always care about what she thinks.

The side view.
I have been spending more and more on Scrapping products, I had my eye on this gorgeous kit from Sweet Spuds Kits, and managed to pre-order a kit! YAY!!!!! I cannot wait to get this in the mail! its full of goodies.

My day has ended now, its 8.30 pm and I am going to watch sleepless in seattle which is on now. Enjoy the rest of your week.

Sunday, 2 March 2008


Thank you for all your comments on the last post! my mum picked her favourite question, she it was close between two so my brother steven picked his favourite and the winner is TARA with this question!

Q how did you come up with roxie's name...she is just a doll?
A: When I first started looking for a kitten I had the name “Daisy” in my head as a name. But when we got Roxie she was such a character it had to be a feisty name, so I thought of my favourite place “New York” and then thought of the musical Chicago which we saw on broadway and “Roxie” popped into my head…….its the perfect name for her, we even call her “The Fox Rox” because she has a tail like a fox.
Congratulations Tara, please email me your address and I will send you your goodies here are the rest of the wonderful questions and my answers.
Q: Um is there anything that you don't rock?? Your blog and the LO's on it are sheer inspiration.

A: Wow thanks! I would not say I rock though lol! It means a lot to hear positive comments about my photos and scrapbooking. My style is quite different from others…but its how I feel comfortable creating and I am so happy that people are inspired by my crazy creations haha. (the layout above is my newest layout, pretty style which is different to my normal funky style)

Q: what one word best describes who you are?
A: I would say I am Imaginative. I always have ideas in my head, every moment of the day! If you ask my friends and family they would probably say different things, but I think Imaginative is the best word to sum me up.

Q If you were a color of the rainbow, which is it?
I would be Orange because it’s a happy color and the color which inspires me the most.

Q: if the world was going to end and you could only stockpile one thing, food or drink, what would it be!
A: This took me ages to think of an answer, because I love my food. If I had to decide this right now it would be M&Ms because they are so tasty and I cannot stop eating them. I have to eat them when I scrap and in the morning, they are making me gain weight though lol!

Q If you could choose one person in the entire world, who would you choose to meet and why?

A:If I could I would like to be able to speak to my granddad, he died when I was only 2 years old and if I could I would love to meet him, even just to give him a hug, because I feel I already know him as my mum has told me so much, but I want to meet him in person.

Q How did you come up with your SIS name? It always makes me think of Starbucks!!
A: I came up with my SIS username frappuccinouk from the starbucks drink, Its my favourite drink and coffee place and being from the UK I thought I would add that to the end of the name.

Q Have you always been creative?

A: Since I can remember I have always been creative, I think I get it from my dad because he does a lot of art as a hobby. When I was younger I had a wild imagination, I have so many notepads with stories and songs I have written, I am so glad I have not thrown them away because it reminds me of the dreams I had when I was younger. I have always loved to cook, and from about 7 years old I have videos of me and my Nan baking cakes and cooking and me customising the recipe!

Q if you could be stuck in a lift with any celebrity past or present who would it be?

A:This is really difficult, If I could pick someone from the past I would say Elvis, because the man is amazing, there is so much I would like to ask him and I would get him to sing for me. If I could pick someone from the present day I would say Jennifer Aniston, she has always been a great role model of mine, ever since I was young watching her in friends, and I love her style and the way she deals with the press and how she got through the whole Brad, Angelina thing with dignity, I would love to meet her.

Q what is it you love [only one thing!] the most about scrapping/crafts?

A: I love that I can escape from the stress and worry of everyday life. When I am at my craft table with a good movie or TV show on, my mind is only on creating its wonderful seeing your design go from nothing to the end product makes me feel happy. When you log onto SISTV or challenge blogs it’s a different world…. a world where everyone scraps! I wish the world could be full of scrapping and art.