Thursday, 28 February 2008


Would you like to win these foam flowers made by me??? I am also throwing in some other stuff....and maybe a few more of these flowers.

All you have to do is comment on this post asking me a question. I am going to ask my mum to pick her favourite question and that person will be the winner.

Check back Sunday when I will post the winner......and I will answer all questions asked!

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Three New Layouts For Sunday

Wow I have been busy scrapping this weekend! "Not Just A Pretty Face" is a layout for this weeks Scrapping The Music Challenge which goes up today! Roxie is not just a pretty face, she is such a clever kitty, funny and naughty. I used some gorgeous new owl Fabric for this layout and stitched around the edge.

Here is my layout for the latest Scrap Mojo challenge, "I had a Dream, my dream came true" the pow tag has hidden journaling on the back "I always dreamt of going to New York and for my 18th birthday my dream came true, I had the best time, this photo is of me shopping in Macy's with a statue of the statue of liberty". and check out the kittyrobot buttons , Roxie keeps licking the buttons lol! the more I took the layout away the more she wanted to get to them HAHA. I used alot of staples on this layout for the hambly and ribbon and I am liking the look staples give.
Closeup of "I had a dream".

This layout is for a dare I did on the Scrap In Style boards! my dare was to go to a thread called "Hot Or Not" and scrap a celeb on there that I thought was either Hot or Not. I chose David Beckham, I have always had a crush on him. I used to love watching him play for our country (England) when he was at his best as a footballer!
I have alot of stuff going on at the moment, feeling really stressed, going to interviews, not getting jobs, and trying to take the time off work for interviews and having to lie. I am having an interview on Monday! the more I do not get a job the more my confidence is knocked down!
Its lunchtime here........I fancy a chicken bagel and I still have alot of Heros the first series to watch. My brother Steve has already watched the 2nd series on the internet, I told him I would go mad if he reveals what happens.
Have a great Day xx

Sunday, 17 February 2008

First Canvas Skull Style

I have had a creative day today! I painted my first canvas this skull I designed the skull myself after about 6 sketches I decided on this design. I am pleased with how it turned out. I am not sure what I am going to do with this Canvas yet. I created this layout of Roxie today! and guess what I kitty robot mushroom buttons! YAY they arrived yesterday! and they are even better in real life then they look in the photos! the colors are so bright and the detail is amazing!
My brother got the first series of Heros on DVD this weekend, and I have never seen it! (I know I have not lived right?) Its BRILLIANT! I spent all afternoon watching it and scrapping on the floor LOL, I have two more episodes to watch and my brother says there is so much in those two episodes! I might try to watch them tomorrow night after work.

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Clear Buttons

I have had a tub of clear buttons for AGES! now and have hand painted them, and put them up on my Etsy shop HERE for sale I really like the clear buttons with the bright colors, and you do not see alot of customised clear buttons around! I have also added some foam flowers!

I got my bonus yesterday WOHOO!!! I had major plans this morning for scrappy stuff but I have spent all morning on these buttons lol! and in a couple of hours I am off treat myself with my money! because as my friend said "Dont save it worked too hard for that bonus TREAT YOURSELF".

Happy Saturday xx

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Exciting News & Kawaii

Hey! I am feeling better, back to work today! only one more day until the weekend woohoo!

My foam flowers I put up on my Etsy shop are now sold out! I am going to make some more this weekend and I also have another idea for my Etsy shop so stay tuned for an update.

I have some exciting news, the wonderful Jodie has Etsy shop Kitty Robot has created a blog HERE to showcase her amazing products & has asked me to be a member of her Design Team to show what you can do with the cute creations she sells! The clay buttons are so bright and fun check out her shop! she is also selling a VINTAGE kit full of Kawaii goodies! Its all so exciting.

Speaking of Kawaii I created this layout for the Overlooked challenge my Kawaii tape collection, if anyone knows anywhere I can purchase some more to add to my collection please let me know?

I really like the new overlooked challenge, it challenges your creativity, really makes you think!

So today is valentines day.........blah lol another day for me.......except today at work everyone was trying to pair me up with a guy I don't even like.....just because its Valentines day!

Hope you all have a great day!

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Updated Etsy Shop

I am sick today! argh I feel awful, I have been in bed all morning I had to go and post a package which nearly killed me! I feel all flu like and I have a fever, I am lying here with all the windows open and its 8oc outside.
I have updated my Etsy Shop today! with 4 sets of customised foam flowers and a new banner for my shop. I have been working on these flowers for a week but have not had time to put them in my shop! I will be adding more in the next week or so.

Here are a couple of photos from my 365 day self portraits on Flickr. My skull socks and a handful of M&Ms! I am addicted to M&Ms at the moment, even being sick today I still want to eat them lol.

I have been buying ALOT of scrap related stuff and vintage goodies.........I only have £40 ($70) in my account and we should be getting paid Friday! I will post some pictures of what I have been buying.

Saturday, 9 February 2008

Busy Day Ahead

Ok, the above layout just might be my new favourite layout that I have created........I don't know why......Its for today's challenge at Scrapping The Music. I had a different take on this challenge, I have been editing my photos alot lately and they are the same as the original just edited to make it look different. I stitched a border on this layout which I enjoyed.

I am posting a bit early today........8am because I am off to a football match Chelsea V Liverpool today WOOHOO! so excited! I am going with my dad who is also excited, its in north london though which is a couple of hours away, so I am going to be out from 11am till about 8pm tonight, the match starts at 4pm.
A layout I did last night, the scan came out matter how many times I scanned it! there is a shadow. the "same photo" layout scanned perfect! this is me in my new glasses. Funny thing is.......two weeks after I bought these my mum bought the same ones, not realizing I had bought them! we are so alike!
I have subscribed for 6 months of the Dozens kits! I think this one was made for me! packed with yumminess! I cannot wait to receive my kit!
Right thats my post I'd better get dressed for the big day ahead!

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Catch Up Post

I just realised I have not done a proper post in ages! apart from the challenge updates! I have been really busy with creative projects etc............I have not actually started anything, just sketching ideas. I have bought lots of paint and I plan to experiment when I get some time.
I have been busy looking for jobs..........its not easy......very stressful at the moment. Scrapping and photography is stopping me from getting too stressed.
I created this layout "Create" for the challenge at OLW I had so much fun with this layout! and it was voted as an "interesting" photo on Flickr last Saturday which I thought was really cool seeing my layout on the homepage.

This layout I did for fun of Roxie, I love scrapping photos of her! she makes me happy and scrapping her makes me happy! oh talk of the devil.........she has jumped up for a cuddle! haha *Purrrrrrrr* she has helped all of us get through the shock of loosing Phoebe cat!
I am planning to watch Juno this weekend I MUST see that movie, I am going to watch some football in London Chelsea V Liverpool at Chelseas stadium "Stamford Bridge" I CANNOT WAIT!!!!

Monday, 4 February 2008

Winners!!!!!!!! here is what has happened. I had such a good response to my challenge! lots of people said they would join in and on messageboards etc. However only two people managed to complete their layout ontime. The two layouts are AMAZING! and by scrappers I love! so I could not let one have the prize and the otherone have have created another lot of goodies. Here are the fabulous layouts and the goodies they have won!

Jodie - A day in the life of her cat Sui, is'nt she the sweetest cat, love the journaling, such a typical cat day.

Thank you Jodie, as you were the first to enter you have won these goodies. I am including some lace with the goodies to (the same lace in Jills prize you can scroll down).

Jill - How cute is she? this is such a fun colorful layout, The title is very creative.
Thank you Jill here are the goodies you have won! a couple of extra photos as it is dark you cannot see the stickers and anime tape.

THANK YOU so much! congratulations Jill and Jodie, please email me your addresses so I can post your goodies ASAP,
I will definately be giving away goodies again.......maybe in a different way watch this space lol.