Saturday, 21 June 2008

Guess Who Is Back????

I am back!!!!! with a brand new Sony laptop! the same one as James Bond has LOL!
Its on my credit card which is not good..........but I could not live without a laptop and my 2 year old laptop was going to cost alot of money to be fixed. I wanted a new laptop by Christmas anyway so whats a few months early? haha.

  • I have had alot of time to think being away from the computer and not scrapping for ages! work is getting me down and I know its time for me to leave, but there are not many jobs around at the moment.
  • I have the latest Sweet Spuds kit to play with but have ran out of glue!
  • I am growing out my hairstyle! it was like Victoria Beckhams but now I am growing it into one length bob.
  • I am loving Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough Ice-cream! and have eaten a whole tub in 3 days!
  • I need to get my lazy butt into the gym again! but I am too tired today and would rather go shopping! even though I have no money because I have bought this laptop.

I hope to be scrapping soon xxx


mmwwaahh211 said...

ohh I have missed you! Can;t wait to see what you make with the new spuds kit, it is so LUSH!!!

Also...I have tagged you! Check out my blog for the deets! x

Jodie said...

so glad you are back!!
your pics are so damn cute, love the nails :)

hope you sort out the work thing, just do what makes you happy, im sure you can find another job that doesnt get you down?? i hope so!!


Donna said...

SO GLAD you are finally back around!