Thursday, 22 May 2008

This n That

I have been busy, here is what I have been up to........

- Picnics in the park! got to make the most out of the nice weather

- Sorting out my summer wardrobe

- I bought a Hula Hoop and am rubbish at it!!!

- Listening to Duffy - Warwick Avenue

- Eating too much Ben & Jerry's Phish Food Ice Cream.

- Looking forward to this weekend as we get Monday off its a national holiday here in the UK

Here is my new waistcoat I bought :)


Michelle said... Duffy, and a hula hoop?? So cool!! I haven't had on of those forever...he he. Lovely, fun page, too! =)

Jodie said...

gorgeous page, and is that a new banner up there?? gorgeous
hehe hula hoops are so fun, have fun with it!!

danilouwho said...

yummmmm ben and jerry's!
I really need to get on with going through my summer clothes... Love the new waistcoat! so cute!

Vicki Canning said...
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~Doll~ said...

hiya, your blog is fabby!!! such gorgeous lo's too.

i invite you to take my challenge