Saturday, 10 May 2008

Summer Time

It has been hot here in the UK for a week now, summer is officially here! I scrapped this layout this morning, so early because I wanted to scrap but wanted to sit in the sunshine and chillax, so I decided to scrap at 9am. I used some funky Kitty Robot buttons they actually made the layout complete as they added so much dimention and color.

I love this because its true for me at the moment! I am starting to be proud of myself and my beliefs and I am starting to be happy with the person I am becoming! I have alot of strong views and opinions and do not want to follow what is "normal" I want to just be me!

Here is some eyecandy some cupcakes and eyeshadow I bought this week, look at the colors on that eyeshadow!!! it lasts all day which is good for someone like me, I never carry a mirror or makeup so what I put on in the morning has to last lol.

I spent all afternoon in the garden! it was lovely and Roxie came out and sat with me.......she is a strange cat, she does not like going outside in the day. Roxie is getting better though and as its Summer and we are all outside she does not want to miss out on the fun and comes outside to join us!
I took an hour this morning to go though some kits I still have in boxes that I have used but not thrown away the scraps etc, I had 4 boxes and had to decide what to keep! I feel like I have more room now!
Have a great weekend.


Babydoll said...

Cute layout and I really love the eyeshadow!

Jill Deiling said...

very cool photos and layouts, love them!! It sounds like you had a great weekend. thanks so much for the congrats on my blog! ill talk to ya soon!