Saturday, 17 May 2008

Scrap Block

I have been suffering with Scrappers block! I just have not been in the mood to scrapbook! its horrible! here is a layout I did today for Scrapstars you have to think of a person you know who has a song with their name in it and scrap it. Mine is of Roxie, we got her name from the musical Chicago, I love that song Roxie sings "The Name on everybody's lips is gonna be...ROXIE"
I used a mushroom Kitty Robot button! I got in the mail this week, thank you Jodie!!! I am also on the blog this week so go check it out!
I had yesterday off work which was lovely although I spent until 12.30 in the hairdressers, then I went to my local shopping mall, I treated myself to some gorgeous chocolate from a shop called "Hotel Chocolat" Yum Yum! they even give you free chocolate when you are browsing the shop!

Here is what my creative mess looked like today! Sweet Spuds May kit layed out on my floor! I scrapped one layout with it so far. This layout is for Category Stories latest challenge about candy! I LOVE my candy I cannot go a day without it! and I could not resist using some candy/choccie wrappers for this layout.

I have the whole house to myself now for about 4 hours............I am going to do what I have not done in a long time, but some music on REALLY LOUD and dance around my house like I am the best singer/dancer in the whole of the uk! (even though I am the most rubbish)!



Dani said...

adorable layouts!!

and that chocolate looks amazing..... seriously craving some now! :)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous layouts Nikki! The chocolate looks yummy too! :)


Donna said...

I love your new layouts!!! They are so bright and bold!!! I cannot even tell you are suffering scrapper block.

And that chocolate is looking so YUMMY!