Sunday, 4 May 2008

Got My Scrap On

I got up at 9am this morning (late for me) and ate a fruit salad and cleaned my bedroom until there was no dust in site! then got my scrap on! I am liking scrapping on the floor at the moment! I feel I have more space and can move around more.

The top layout was for a challenge on SISTV to do a layout about positive things about yourself. I found this really hard, I know not many people love themselves but I have no confidence in myself! I was bullied pretty much all through school which convinced me I am ugly and I am always negative about myself I never say "I am really creative" or "I am a great cook" which I am........I wish I could love myself more...
This layout Is of the Trevi Fountain in Rome, I thought the paper went really well with the photo! I loved the April Sweet Spuds Kit!

Now this gorgeous piece of art I just had to share with you! I took this photo in Rome, we were walking to the Spanish Steps and came across a man outside his restaurant carving Roses out of a pumkin! I was amazed!


Denise said...

Your pages are gorgeous, so bright and cheery! Yes, those inner voices can be pretty negative at times. Glad you got to do the positive thoughts challenge!

Kathy said...

Your pages are so colorful! They make me smile!

I think most of us doubt ourselves. It's called our EGO! And it enjoys beating up on us! It's very hard not to listen to it all of the time!

Those roses are amazing! I cannot believe they are doing that on a pumpkin! WOW!

Dani said...

love the layouts!! and that pumpkin is so so so awesome!

Lisa said...

oh, that pumpkin is amazing! Your layouts are really cute too. :)