Sunday, 25 May 2008

Eating Hershey's Kisses!

Things have been really busy here the last week! but at last Sunday is here and I slept in until 10am! scrapped this layout for the Scrap Mojo Challenge, and have watched some of the first series of SATC I am kind of having a marathon of the whole box set before I watch the film.

I am in love with these Dymo labels and keep buying them! I keep using them for the back of envelopes and packages! I cannot get enough of the Dymo.
I went for a meal in Covent Garden yesterday and bought some of these gorgeous cupcakes! I could not resist! they are little yummy pieces of art and I love this photo I took.

I have started the gym again! Its alot of money because its an exclusive gym where only people over 18 can join and everything is modern and just lovely! but I need somewhere like that to motivate me to go and get fit!!!!
I have been spending my money Friday ordering online! I have ordered this "Little Miss Giggles" Top! thats so me!!! I am always giggling! I love funny people because they make me laugh I am not a funny person but I like to laugh at people who make me laugh........If that makes any sense lol! people always say to me "what you laughing at?" or "you are such a giggler"

Have a wonderful Sunday, I am going to keep watching SATC I want to be on seies 3 by the end of the day and its 2.30pm so looks like I will be up till midnight!
I have tomorrow off as it is a national holiday so I can stay up late.


Jenn said...

your layout is super cute!
what is it about dymo that makes them so addicting? i can't get enough of it either!
and those cupcakes look so yummy =)

danilouwho said...

Dymo labels rock!

and that is such a darling top!

mmwwaahh211 said...

ohhh love the orange dymo type! funky! but why does it have to be so expensive?! grrr!!!

Loving your sweet spuds LO, and love how quickly you rip into it all!!!

L x x

Jill Deiling said...

awesome lo i love it!! Really love that shirt too, im just like you, always giggling! now i want it! :D hope youre having a great monday girl!

stephanie said...

nicki where did you get your funky dymo??? i can never find the good stuff!