Sunday, 27 April 2008

Scrapping At Last

At last I had a morning to scrap a couple of layouts! and its now 1pm! I got two kits while I was on Holiday and I started working my way through the Dozens Kit for these two layouts of Rome.
The papers are perfect for scrapping my photos of Italy! I was tagged by Laura this week to post 7 random facts about they are!
1. I once saw Snape from Harry Potter (Alan Rickman) In London and he said hello to me.
2. My favorite food is Sushi.
3. I once wanted to be a chef because I loved cooking so much! but decided I wanted cooking as a hobby rather than a career.
4. My favorite moment ever was flying over New York In a helicopter.
5. I used to create and write lyrics to songs
6. I drink too much diet pepsi
7. The top song on my I-pod playlist this week is "Daylight" By Kelly Rowland.

Have a great weekend. xx


Dani said...

You've met Alan Rickman??? LUCKY girl!

Love those layouts!!

Lillsisslill said...

WOW LOVE the LO's!!!
Really cool looking work!

Happy Sunday!


mmwwaahh211 said... can you drink diet pepsi? it's gotta be diet coke the whole way!!!

L x

Kate said...

beautiful layouts!! i love!!

Donna said...
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Donna said...

LOVE the layouts! That sushi looks so cool! And how cool is it that you met Alan Rickman?!?!?

FORGOT to add:

Love the new banner!!!

mmwwaahh211 said...

ohhh new header!! love it!!!

I got the Dozens kit thanks to you babe, I saw the wonderful creations that you have been making, and thought "I wanna get myself some of that!"

I got it this morning, and it's fabulous! I have scrapped one quite LO tonight, will upload to blogland later! Love what you have done so far, arn't those huge pins great?

Ladybastard said...

I love all! ^_^