Thursday, 17 April 2008

On Vactation To Rome

YAY! At last one more day till my trip to Rome!!!! so excited! I am really disorganized though I am only just starting to pack!
I have been learning all the basic words of Italian all week, please, thank you, hello goodbye etc. I think its rude to go to another country and not know basic words like that!
I cannot wait to taste the gorgeous pizzas, pasta and ice-cream!
I will be back next week! xxxxx


Stephanie Joanna said...

Have a great trip! Take lots of scrap-worthy photos :o)

Dumuro said...

See Please Here

Dani said...

having an amazing trip!!

toofclnr said...

wow girl...have a wonderful safe i'll be thinking of you!

Placa de Vídeo said...

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Donna said...

Have a fun trip! Sounds like you might have some yummy plans! Can't wait to see pics!

Nessa said...

enjoy your trip to rome
i love this city !!!!!
there are so many shopping to do!!!