Tuesday, 29 April 2008

New Blog Header and Ramblings

What do you think of my new header??? A couple of people have noticed it already! thank you for the comments! I wanted a bit of a change so added new music too.
  1. Here are a couple of photos from Rome the Trevi Fountain and me trowing a coin in.......if you throw a coin backwards into the fountain you will return to Rome (I sure hope so).

2. Cannot wait till this weekend! Monday is a UK holiday so its a 3 day weekend, lots of scrapping, painting and watching old movies!

3. Love that it is light when I get home! and the sun is starting to come out showing signs that summer is here.

4. I am having a spending spree on ASOS DOT COM! there is so much new stock on that site, got to get me some.


Amélie said...

love your new header!! Its pretty cute.

Donna said...

Love the fountain pics! Just beautiful!

Your blog updates are really coming along! Keep them up! I really like seeing all the new changes!

Dani said...

Love the new header!! it's adorable!!


Babydoll said...

Loving the new header and the new music!