Sunday, 13 April 2008

I Got My Mojo Back!

Two posts in two days! wow I am back on track lol! I got my mojo back this morning! wohoo! my mind is usually full of ideas, I have to write them down, but this week my mind has been on other things and planning my trip next weekend, that when I thought of scrapping my mind was blank.......nothing popped into my head. Until this morning YAY! I woke up at 8am to scrap this layout. Its for the latest scrap mojo challenge, I created a layout to help me plan what to take with me on my trip to Italy.

With work stressing me out I have not really had time to think about my Holiday to Rome, and all of a sudden its next weekend! This layout has helped me so much and I am looking forward to going to Rome next weekend. I am sticking this layout on my mirror, to remind me what to take!

I treated myself to a new I-pod Nano yesterday! I love it, its so cute and I will use it on my holiday, I am sitting here trying to upload some tunes, could anyone give me some good tunes???? I am on number 20 and now I cannot think of anymore. Whenever I am driving I always hear songs and think "I must download that" and then I forget it lol!

Here are some links I am loving right now.

I am spending the rest of my Sunday watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer, making cookies and checking all of my travel documents are ok!

Have a great Day!


stephanie said...

i used to love buffy! seth green..yummy! i cant believe you got up at 8am to scrap. now thats dedication.

Anonymous said...

You are so lucky, Italy sounds perfect right now. As for suggestions on music come to my blog and click on itunes box for ideals. Best of luck and have a blast. Oh, your layout is too cute. Love it!

Donna said...

Love the layout! Glad the mojo has returned!

Have a ball in Italy!

Michelle said...

Cute page!! Love those shops you have linked up, too! =)

micayla said...

Love the mojo layout, soooo funky!

Amber Risher said...

Love the new lo, so much! You look so glamorous in that pic! Yay for the new Ipod! Good for you! Thanks for the cool site links...and have a wonderful trip and oh yeah, take tons of pics to share...cause I have been dying to go there forever!

xx, Amber

Ali said...

have fun in italy!! i got a new ipod nano last week too! i love him (at least im calling it a him!)

thanks for those links- i love that design sponge blog too! awesome read!

Babydoll said...

Hope you have fun in Italy! Love the new page.