Saturday, 12 April 2008

Early Birthday Pressie

I have nothing scrapping to share! I have lots of stuff to play with but have had no time! and I am hoping to try to get one layout done tomorrow! Its been a busy week I had an interview, found out they really liked me and was in the running for the job and they were interviewing till the end of the week, but I have not heard and I know it is a no, work has been stressful and my car is playing up! the breaks and the gear stick. I am also trying to get organized for Rome which is exactly a week today.

My mum gave me an early birthday present this morning, she knows how stressed I am and as we are in Rome for my birthday on 21st I have been given this gorgeous bag early! I LOVE IT! its so bright and different. My mum said she has some little presents she is taking on our trip so I can open them when I am there.

A closeup of my bag! I love this cluster of goodness lol.
Other news is I have upgraded my flickr account to a pro account! wooo! about time! haha, here is a latest photo from my 365 day project, I got my haircut on Thursday.

I wish I could style it like this perfect. My hairdresser makes it look so easy!


Shabby Chic Crafts said...

I love your hair. My face is way too round. I could never pull off that wonderfu hair cut. Bautiful!!

Jules said...

Cute bag!

Dani said...

That is a darling bag!!

Boriquaz said...

Your hair looks so adorable, love it. And that bag, very unique love it too!

ricanlaw said...

Love the bag and love the hair!