Sunday, 9 March 2008

Trying To Stay Positive.

This week has been a stressful one! no luck with interviews or new jobs and with work getting to me more and more I think its all just getting me down! so it is good I have had a nice relaxing weekend.

Saturday - I went shopping in the morning to buy my friend a birthday present, I also bought myself some clothes, candy, and a heated hair brush, all one my credit card! and I also bought some sushi for my lunch Yummo! I came home, and scrapped the above layout "Best Days" for the latest category stories challenge! my best days are like the day I had Saturday, shopping, scrapping, and eating sushi! I used paint, crayons and sakura pens to color the rainbows, it took me ages.

Sunday - Today I have been sooooooo tired! I spoke to my mom and she thinks I am stressed with work because I basically manage finance all by myself at 20 years old, and that combined with looking for another job is stressful. I got up at 6am to clean Roxies Tray and let her come up for a morning cuddle, I have been so tired I had breakfast, did my ironing and slept 11am till 12pm then I scrapped the above layout for Scrap Mojo.

My mom has let me have some old photos of me when I was young, and I thought this was a great photo to scrap "Oh The Places You Will Go" back then at 3 years old, I had so many dreams and I never knew where I would be by the time I was 20. I seem to be at a negative place in my life right now and this layout reminds me that things will get better, I still have alot to look forward to, and I need to stay positive because thinking "I will never get a job, knowone wants me" is not a good way to be. Also people have bigger problems then I do.

This layout really makes me smile! infact every layout I have created recently has made me smile, I feel I am a comfortable scrapper.

I will leave you with this snap of my sushi I ate yesterday. I am off to watch some friends on TV.


Lilian Schneider said...

Ooo, those colors of your layouts, love them!

Kate said...

LOVE your colorgul blog and etsy! So cute!

Gail said...

Great layouts in your trademark bright and colourful style. Sorry to hear about the stress. Hope you get another job soon.

Boriquaz said...

I love your scrapbooking style and I think if you are a comfortable scrapper then you are a happy scrapper. People should always make Lo's for themselves, after all it's them who are going to look at the Lo's years later.

Amber Risher said...

Nikki, keep your chin up! The right job will come along! Don't get down on yourself! Just enjoy your time and the right one will eventually come along...I know that can be stressful when you need the money! hugs!

P.S. Love the new pages and the sushi is making me hungry!

xx, Amber

Amber Risher said...
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charlotte said...

I love your colorful layouts! And I just love the journaling on the last one "oh the places....". It's so great and so meaningful!
Good luck on the job-hunting. Eventually you'll find the right one.
And I just want to say that I love to visit your blog!
Take care,

Charlotte - in Denmark

Jodie said...

nikki love ur work babe
and ahhhhh i LOVE how u did the rainbows on the page, totally awesome/


Jill Deiling said...

i love your new layouts!
im sorry youve been stressed about finding a new job! that IS stressful, good luck in finding a good one, i know you will!
i know how it is having to manage finances, i have to all by myself with my baby too, it sucks!
i hope you have a great weekend! :D