Sunday, 2 March 2008


Thank you for all your comments on the last post! my mum picked her favourite question, she it was close between two so my brother steven picked his favourite and the winner is TARA with this question!

Q how did you come up with roxie's name...she is just a doll?
A: When I first started looking for a kitten I had the name “Daisy” in my head as a name. But when we got Roxie she was such a character it had to be a feisty name, so I thought of my favourite place “New York” and then thought of the musical Chicago which we saw on broadway and “Roxie” popped into my head…….its the perfect name for her, we even call her “The Fox Rox” because she has a tail like a fox.
Congratulations Tara, please email me your address and I will send you your goodies here are the rest of the wonderful questions and my answers.
Q: Um is there anything that you don't rock?? Your blog and the LO's on it are sheer inspiration.

A: Wow thanks! I would not say I rock though lol! It means a lot to hear positive comments about my photos and scrapbooking. My style is quite different from others…but its how I feel comfortable creating and I am so happy that people are inspired by my crazy creations haha. (the layout above is my newest layout, pretty style which is different to my normal funky style)

Q: what one word best describes who you are?
A: I would say I am Imaginative. I always have ideas in my head, every moment of the day! If you ask my friends and family they would probably say different things, but I think Imaginative is the best word to sum me up.

Q If you were a color of the rainbow, which is it?
I would be Orange because it’s a happy color and the color which inspires me the most.

Q: if the world was going to end and you could only stockpile one thing, food or drink, what would it be!
A: This took me ages to think of an answer, because I love my food. If I had to decide this right now it would be M&Ms because they are so tasty and I cannot stop eating them. I have to eat them when I scrap and in the morning, they are making me gain weight though lol!

Q If you could choose one person in the entire world, who would you choose to meet and why?

A:If I could I would like to be able to speak to my granddad, he died when I was only 2 years old and if I could I would love to meet him, even just to give him a hug, because I feel I already know him as my mum has told me so much, but I want to meet him in person.

Q How did you come up with your SIS name? It always makes me think of Starbucks!!
A: I came up with my SIS username frappuccinouk from the starbucks drink, Its my favourite drink and coffee place and being from the UK I thought I would add that to the end of the name.

Q Have you always been creative?

A: Since I can remember I have always been creative, I think I get it from my dad because he does a lot of art as a hobby. When I was younger I had a wild imagination, I have so many notepads with stories and songs I have written, I am so glad I have not thrown them away because it reminds me of the dreams I had when I was younger. I have always loved to cook, and from about 7 years old I have videos of me and my Nan baking cakes and cooking and me customising the recipe!

Q if you could be stuck in a lift with any celebrity past or present who would it be?

A:This is really difficult, If I could pick someone from the past I would say Elvis, because the man is amazing, there is so much I would like to ask him and I would get him to sing for me. If I could pick someone from the present day I would say Jennifer Aniston, she has always been a great role model of mine, ever since I was young watching her in friends, and I love her style and the way she deals with the press and how she got through the whole Brad, Angelina thing with dignity, I would love to meet her.

Q what is it you love [only one thing!] the most about scrapping/crafts?

A: I love that I can escape from the stress and worry of everyday life. When I am at my craft table with a good movie or TV show on, my mind is only on creating its wonderful seeing your design go from nothing to the end product makes me feel happy. When you log onto SISTV or challenge blogs it’s a different world…. a world where everyone scraps! I wish the world could be full of scrapping and art.


charlotte said...

A bit congratulations to Tara!! :-)
And it was interesting to read your answers to all our questions!!

I hope you're having a nice Sunday!

charlotte said...

... I meant "a BIG congratulations.... OOOPS! hehe!

Nessa said...

congrats tara!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and your layout is so so wonderful!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nikki!
Love that you put thought behind your cats name. Our dogs name is Sokee short from Sokeri which is the Finnish word for sugar she is creamy white and a reddish tan she so much reminded me of white/brown sugar when I first met her!
So love your new haircut, very cute from the back. I also eat alot of peanut M&M's. total yummy-ness!

toofclnr said...

Thanks Nikki!!! so excited and thanks for answering my question....she is just so cute and that name fits HER purrrrfectly!!! :D
Enjoy your week!!!

and i LOVE your hair....i just cut mine like that fun!!! and looks soooo cute on you!