Friday, 14 March 2008

Positive Thinking

Thanks so much to everyone who commented on my last post! I am trying to be positive now and not feel sorry for myself lol! I will find another job its just going to take time because I want to find the right job in the perfect location.

Funny enough I went for an interview Wednesday and 1. It was too far too travel 2. I did not like the place it just did not feel right, and guess what?????? I got that job!!! the agency called me and said they really liked me and wanted me to meet the management and I said I did not want the job.........because I want to make sure I find somewhere I like. Its made me feel more confident because I feel that I can get a job but have to be patient and find the right one!

Here are a couple of my latest 365 days photos, me in my new scrave which I love! and my favorite hot chocolate "options" and its only got 50cals per serving but tastes like it has 1000 cals in it lol its so chocolaty!

Its 6.30am here Saturday morning I am up so early because Roxie kitty was crying lol! I have a note from the post office saying they have a parcel for me to pick up..........could it be the Sweet Spuds Kit?????? eeek! so excited! I am going to drive and pick it up before I go shopping.

Hope to do some scrapping so check back soon have a great weekend. xx

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Kate said...

good luck with the job hunt! love your 365 pics...wish I had the commitment to do that haha!