Tuesday, 4 March 2008

New Haircut

Hey! I am in the blogging mood, I took the above photo for 365 days my new candy smarties bowl from Urban Outfiters and have bought some Jolly Ranchers to put in them..........to eat haha! I am calling this bowl my "Candy Bowl" I will fill the bowl with candy and put it in my room.
NEW HAIRCUT!!!! I had my haircut on Saturday! I have wanted to go for a drastic change, shorter, so I was brave and had my hair cut short. This is the pictures straight after I had it done, but I am finding it really difficult to dry and get it perfect like this myself. I am a girl who's hair is naturally straight, so when it was long I just rough dried it and never needed to straighten it, so its difficult, but I am sure I will get used to it. Everyone likes my new hair apart from my mum, and hers in the opinion I value most.......even when I am 20 years older I know I will always care about what she thinks.

The side view.
I have been spending more and more on Scrapping products, I had my eye on this gorgeous kit from Sweet Spuds Kits, and managed to pre-order a kit! YAY!!!!! I cannot wait to get this in the mail! its full of goodies.

My day has ended now, its 8.30 pm and I am going to watch sleepless in seattle which is on now. Enjoy the rest of your week.


Amber Risher said...

Hello friend! I personally love your hair. Your mom is probably just use to the long hair, is all. I am so excited to get my Sweet Spuds kit, too! I was so glad that I preordered, as well! Love your super cute candy dish! Makes me want a jolly rancher lol Have a good one!

xx, Amber

Gail said...

Your hair looks great...and that kit is fab too, such lovely colours.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nikki, love the new hairstyle! :) Oh and I love the look of your kit.

Take care.

Vanessa. x

Jill Deiling said...

your new haircut is sooo CUTE!! I love it! I hope you get your sweet spuds kit soon, i cannot wait to see what you do with it!