Monday, 4 February 2008

Winners!!!!!!!! here is what has happened. I had such a good response to my challenge! lots of people said they would join in and on messageboards etc. However only two people managed to complete their layout ontime. The two layouts are AMAZING! and by scrappers I love! so I could not let one have the prize and the otherone have have created another lot of goodies. Here are the fabulous layouts and the goodies they have won!

Jodie - A day in the life of her cat Sui, is'nt she the sweetest cat, love the journaling, such a typical cat day.

Thank you Jodie, as you were the first to enter you have won these goodies. I am including some lace with the goodies to (the same lace in Jills prize you can scroll down).

Jill - How cute is she? this is such a fun colorful layout, The title is very creative.
Thank you Jill here are the goodies you have won! a couple of extra photos as it is dark you cannot see the stickers and anime tape.

THANK YOU so much! congratulations Jill and Jodie, please email me your addresses so I can post your goodies ASAP,
I will definately be giving away goodies again.......maybe in a different way watch this space lol.


Jill Deiling said...

omg, thanks sooo much nikki!! :) that is such a great prize package, i love it all!! You're the sweetest. :) I will email you my address asap! :)

Lisa said...

That is so sweet of you! Nice RAK :)

Asa said...

I'll watch! :D

Jodie said...

ohhhh wow you are totally awesome!!!
thanks so much and how nice are you to have two prize packs, well done jill your page is awesoem i love it,

ok im off to email my addy!
you made my day!


stephanie said...

love the entries for this :)