Sunday, 24 February 2008

Three New Layouts For Sunday

Wow I have been busy scrapping this weekend! "Not Just A Pretty Face" is a layout for this weeks Scrapping The Music Challenge which goes up today! Roxie is not just a pretty face, she is such a clever kitty, funny and naughty. I used some gorgeous new owl Fabric for this layout and stitched around the edge.

Here is my layout for the latest Scrap Mojo challenge, "I had a Dream, my dream came true" the pow tag has hidden journaling on the back "I always dreamt of going to New York and for my 18th birthday my dream came true, I had the best time, this photo is of me shopping in Macy's with a statue of the statue of liberty". and check out the kittyrobot buttons , Roxie keeps licking the buttons lol! the more I took the layout away the more she wanted to get to them HAHA. I used alot of staples on this layout for the hambly and ribbon and I am liking the look staples give.
Closeup of "I had a dream".

This layout is for a dare I did on the Scrap In Style boards! my dare was to go to a thread called "Hot Or Not" and scrap a celeb on there that I thought was either Hot or Not. I chose David Beckham, I have always had a crush on him. I used to love watching him play for our country (England) when he was at his best as a footballer!
I have alot of stuff going on at the moment, feeling really stressed, going to interviews, not getting jobs, and trying to take the time off work for interviews and having to lie. I am having an interview on Monday! the more I do not get a job the more my confidence is knocked down!
Its lunchtime here........I fancy a chicken bagel and I still have alot of Heros the first series to watch. My brother Steve has already watched the 2nd series on the internet, I told him I would go mad if he reveals what happens.
Have a great Day xx


jconnair said...

Love all of your layouts. I wish I could pull off this bright funky style as well as you do!

Heather said...

Lovely layouts! As the previous commenter said, I'd love to be able to produce bright funky layouts like those! I dunno how you do it by they look fab :)

And David Beckham is definitely fit, provided he doesn't talk!

sweet twee lab said...

Dude! Great LO's!!! I am so in love with funky fabric fabulousness. Yo sho!

Anonymous said...

You know already I luv your stm layout! LOL! But I did'nt mention that that fabric R0cks!!! So loving that!
your other two layouts are also so funkalicious!!

Gail said...

Great LOs Nikki, all in trademark bright and breezy it

Boriquaz said...

Fabulous lo's but yummy to david beckham lol.

Nessa said...

omg! i really love the layouts!! but my fav is the first one! you rock sister

linda loe said...

I love the things you make