Thursday, 28 February 2008


Would you like to win these foam flowers made by me??? I am also throwing in some other stuff....and maybe a few more of these flowers.

All you have to do is comment on this post asking me a question. I am going to ask my mum to pick her favourite question and that person will be the winner.

Check back Sunday when I will post the winner......and I will answer all questions asked!


Melonie said...

Ok I just found your blog and I do have a question. Um is there anything that you don't rock?? Your blog and the LO's on it are sheer inspiration. I'm off to check your Etsy!

Jennifer H. said...

Oh those flowers are CUUUUUTE! Love far as a question goes how about what one word best describes who you are? :)

toofclnr said...

hi nikki!!! hmmmm i am full of questions...but i think i must ask.....
how did you come up with roxie's name...she is just a doll!!!!

great flowers too... so much talent!!!!!

hope your week was a great one!

Nessa said...

hummmmm a question :

If you were a color of the rainbow, which is it?

stephanie said...

if the world was going to end and you could only stockpile one thing, food or drink, what would it be!

i think mine would be toffee fave!

Lori said...

Those flowers are so cute!!! I love them!!

One question for you, hmmmmm

If you could choose one person in the entire world, who would you choose to meet and why??

I've got to go check your Etsy now!!

Have a great weekend!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nikki! Great flowers, love the bright colors! My question for you is: How did you come up with your SIS name? It always makes me think of Starbucks!! XoXo Amy

charlotte said...

When I see your layouts I always think: How does she do it?? So young and so talented!! So my question is: Have you always been creative?

I love the flowers. :-)

Leanne said...

love the flowers my question is if you could be stuck in a lift with any celebrity past or present who would it be??

love the roxie lo btw!! fab!! xxx

Heather said...

Okay, what is it you love [only one thing!] the most about scrapping/crafts? Love your layouts :)


Very nice and colorful blog..thanks for sharing!