Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Catch Up Post

I just realised I have not done a proper post in ages! apart from the challenge updates! I have been really busy with creative projects etc............I have not actually started anything, just sketching ideas. I have bought lots of paint and I plan to experiment when I get some time.
I have been busy looking for jobs..........its not easy......very stressful at the moment. Scrapping and photography is stopping me from getting too stressed.
I created this layout "Create" for the challenge at OLW I had so much fun with this layout! and it was voted as an "interesting" photo on Flickr last Saturday which I thought was really cool seeing my layout on the homepage.

This layout I did for fun of Roxie, I love scrapping photos of her! she makes me happy and scrapping her makes me happy! oh talk of the devil.........she has jumped up for a cuddle! haha *Purrrrrrrr* she has helped all of us get through the shock of loosing Phoebe cat!
I am planning to watch Juno this weekend I MUST see that movie, I am going to watch some football in London Chelsea V Liverpool at Chelseas stadium "Stamford Bridge" I CANNOT WAIT!!!!


ricanlaw said...

Good luck with the OWL layout. Looks great.

Aline said...

The OLW layout looks really great, so bright and fun. Good luck!

Misspyssel/Cecilia said...

Wow your Layouts are Wonderful,
Plz cant you e-mail me I would love to chat a bit about scrapbooking and colours.

Jill Deiling said...

cute pages!! congrats on getting on the front page of flickr!!