Thursday, 3 January 2008

I Am A Winner.

WOW I had the most rubbish day at work, came home logged into to my flickr account and find I am Decembers contest winner over at Elles Studio! for this layout!
WOOOOOO! its seriously made my day! I have been in such a bad mood lol! I got to pick out a product from the shop as my prize..........which was really hard as I love all their stuff!
I am still managing to do my photo a day for the 365 challenge at flickr, read about the project here its great for your creativity! and I might even scrap some of the photos I have taken. If you take part in 365 be sure to add me. Here are some of my favourite photos take so far.
This photo is me sorting out my ribbon stash.

Yep thats those yummy vinyl thickers. This was for New Years Days pic.

This one is today's photo of a necklace a friend bought me for Christmas, she knows me too well as this is just my kind of necklace!

That was supposed to be a short post LOL.........I am really hungry, must have some dinner I think.


Lisa said...

Hey congrats on your win! What a fun layout full of life. Loved the colors.

china59 said...

Wow ! Congrats ! That really brings a smile to your day doesn't it ? !

Jan said...

Congratulations on the win!

Jill Deiling said...

congrats nikki! I love that neclace!

Gillian said...

Great photos and congrats on the win :)

Aline said...

congrats on the win!

Robin (Tqmnurse) said...

Congratulations on being a winner! That is most awesome.
Mary from Scrap the music would like me to do a highlight of you on my weekly highlight an artist blog.... If you are interested please email me at I look forward to hearing from you

socialbutterfly said...

yeah!! congrats!! love your daily shots!! :))