Sunday, 31 August 2008

Back For Good


ARgh!!!!!!! I am sooooooo sorry Its been forever since I last updated! I honestly lost my creative mojo for a couple of weeks and then I been really ill for over a month so that is why I have not updated! :-D but I am back! and feeling good! I am hoping to get scrapping again next weekend!
While I have been gone Kitty Robot celebrated its one year anniversary!!!!!!! congratulations girls!!!!!!! I am so proud to be part of this Design Team.
There is so much cuteness in this shop and new products! check out the shop here
I am going to be a much better blogger and much better scrapper! and also I am going to start taking lots of photos too!

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

So much to say!

I have been the worse blogger EVER I know! I have had so much going on in my life.......I will talk about that in a minute! this week I am am on leave! I went to see some friends in Manchester! and went to Brighton on Saturday! went shopping yesterday and am just chilling out! which is soooooooooo nice for a change!

I really lost my scrapping mojo because my brain has been full of thoughts lately! having this week off and the fact that the mail man bought me 2 yummy scrapbook kits to play with has inspired me to scrap. This morning I woke up at 8am and scrapped these two layouts with the Sweet Spuds kit. The above layout is of Roxie as a kitten!

This months Sweet Spuds kit was outdoorsy/hippy themed and so I chose this photo to scrap of my dad, brother and I camping here in the UK West Country 5 years ago! we used to go here alot, it was a 6 hour drive and we all loved it! no cars, riding our bikes, sports, the forest and swimming pool. Even the rain did not ruin our fun! I used some orange paint on this layout which greated a fun and new effect! I was in an experimental mood this morning LOL. I also used an owl kitty robot button which looks perfect with the theme of the layout, check out HERE as their shop has had a huge update of new buttons!

That brings me onto why I have not been blogging so much! I have been soooooooo upset at work lately! I won't bore you with the details but the company is not run well, certain members of staff think they run the place and get away with things all the time, knowone listens to you! I am in finance and I really struggle with it! but I have been forced to take on more then I can manage and I am making mistakes! I try so hard but I just am not good at finance. I have been looking for a new job for a while as some of you regular readers will know!

I was actually going to hand my notice in at work..........and I nearly did, until......................My friend Jennie and I at work (who also hates it there) started talking a month ago about how much we would like to travel around Australia for a month and go to places like LA on the way! and I started really looking into it. I knew Jennie was not 100% sure because she has things to sort out at home first! but in the last week we are still really looking into it, and have booked an appointment with a travel agent in London next Thursday to get a quote. I have £3000 saved ($6000) and have four months to save as we want to go in 4 months! I will be leaving work before we go! because we only get 20 days holiday a year and for this we would need 25 which we do not have and they won;t let us have it unpaid. I want to go travelling and know that I do not have to go and work there again. I will make sure I have a bit of money for when I come home to get by, and I will have to do temp work but this is a once in a lifetime oppertunity! and I am sooooooooooo excited! I just hope it happens. xxxxx

Saturday, 21 June 2008

Guess Who Is Back????

I am back!!!!! with a brand new Sony laptop! the same one as James Bond has LOL!
Its on my credit card which is not good..........but I could not live without a laptop and my 2 year old laptop was going to cost alot of money to be fixed. I wanted a new laptop by Christmas anyway so whats a few months early? haha.

  • I have had alot of time to think being away from the computer and not scrapping for ages! work is getting me down and I know its time for me to leave, but there are not many jobs around at the moment.
  • I have the latest Sweet Spuds kit to play with but have ran out of glue!
  • I am growing out my hairstyle! it was like Victoria Beckhams but now I am growing it into one length bob.
  • I am loving Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough Ice-cream! and have eaten a whole tub in 3 days!
  • I need to get my lazy butt into the gym again! but I am too tired today and would rather go shopping! even though I have no money because I have bought this laptop.

I hope to be scrapping soon xxx

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Broken Laptop

Sorry for the lack of updates! my laptop has broke and so has the power lead!
I am using my brothers computer to type this! and look at my emails quickly!

He is studying for his exams though and so I won't be able to use this much until next week.

I am torn between getting it fixed or buying a new laptop!

In the meantime, I am sorry I have been a rubbish blogger and I have not been commenting much on blogs and galleries!

I hope to be back ASAP xxxxx

Saturday, 7 June 2008

I am Back!!!!

I am back! I am sorry I have been a rubbish blogger but I have been Ill! I have come online a little bit to comment on layouts and blogs but I have not been my normal self! that and the fact that I have been super busy ment any time I have had to myself I have been laying in bed with a DVD! but I am good now and back scrapping!!!!!!!!! This is for the latest OLW challenge! I had to use these photos of my mum and I making a wish at the Trevi Fountain in Rome, she kept saying "Remember Nik you only get one wish" so I had to think about it carefully. See if you can see the cute little blue bird Kitty Robot button!

I used this months gorgeous Dozens Kit for both of these layouts! I love these kits they just keep getting better and better.
Now this layout is of my parents and my Aunt and Uncle at the Grand Canyon. They went to Las Vegas in November last year and this paper was perfect for a layout of the Canyon! my mum is going to frame this layout and put it somewhere in the house!

Here are a couple of my latest 365 photos! I am now behind! my new little miss giggle top! which suits me because everyone calls me a "Giggler". and my new nail varnish, the color is beautiful.

Tonight I am going to see Sex And The City with my cousian and out for a pizza! I cannot wait to see this movie!!!!

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Kitty Robot

Some of you may know that I am a DT member for Kitty Robot! and I thought it was about time I wrote an entry about my favorite products! and show some layouts of how I used the buttons!

I must say that Kitty Robot buttons are my favorite embellies! there are soooooo many varieties and the quality of the product is amazing!

The newest addition to the shop is these BRIGHT GLASSED - cute bright and fun buttons handmade from sculpey clay! I have just seen them today and they are my new favorites! they are bright and funky and have alot of detail to them!
Here is a layout I have created using these fun BRIGHT sculpey buttons - set of 9, polymer clay - scrapbooking sewing or craft buttons, (see closup photo below) you can buy them HERE
These buttons I bought months ago long before I was asked to be a DT member! when I got these in the mail I fell in love with these! they so so cute and I cannot explain how much detail is on each button and how much dimention there is! they really make a layout or project stunning.

Here is another layout I made with these bright buttons.

I also wanted to point out these Adorable little owl buttons!!!! I have a couple in my DT pack, I am waiting till I create a layout where these will fit perfect on! again just look at the detail on these!
Kitty Robot create products for all different styles! vintage buttons, cupcake buttons and rainbow buttons! as well as the Kitty Robot kit which is always full of fun and vintage goodness! go and check out the shop HERE!

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Eating Hershey's Kisses!

Things have been really busy here the last week! but at last Sunday is here and I slept in until 10am! scrapped this layout for the Scrap Mojo Challenge, and have watched some of the first series of SATC I am kind of having a marathon of the whole box set before I watch the film.

I am in love with these Dymo labels and keep buying them! I keep using them for the back of envelopes and packages! I cannot get enough of the Dymo.
I went for a meal in Covent Garden yesterday and bought some of these gorgeous cupcakes! I could not resist! they are little yummy pieces of art and I love this photo I took.

I have started the gym again! Its alot of money because its an exclusive gym where only people over 18 can join and everything is modern and just lovely! but I need somewhere like that to motivate me to go and get fit!!!!
I have been spending my money Friday ordering online! I have ordered this "Little Miss Giggles" Top! thats so me!!! I am always giggling! I love funny people because they make me laugh I am not a funny person but I like to laugh at people who make me laugh........If that makes any sense lol! people always say to me "what you laughing at?" or "you are such a giggler"

Have a wonderful Sunday, I am going to keep watching SATC I want to be on seies 3 by the end of the day and its 2.30pm so looks like I will be up till midnight!
I have tomorrow off as it is a national holiday so I can stay up late.

Thursday, 22 May 2008

This n That

I have been busy, here is what I have been up to........

- Picnics in the park! got to make the most out of the nice weather

- Sorting out my summer wardrobe

- I bought a Hula Hoop and am rubbish at it!!!

- Listening to Duffy - Warwick Avenue

- Eating too much Ben & Jerry's Phish Food Ice Cream.

- Looking forward to this weekend as we get Monday off its a national holiday here in the UK

Here is my new waistcoat I bought :)

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Scrap Block

I have been suffering with Scrappers block! I just have not been in the mood to scrapbook! its horrible! here is a layout I did today for Scrapstars you have to think of a person you know who has a song with their name in it and scrap it. Mine is of Roxie, we got her name from the musical Chicago, I love that song Roxie sings "The Name on everybody's lips is gonna be...ROXIE"
I used a mushroom Kitty Robot button! I got in the mail this week, thank you Jodie!!! I am also on the blog this week so go check it out!
I had yesterday off work which was lovely although I spent until 12.30 in the hairdressers, then I went to my local shopping mall, I treated myself to some gorgeous chocolate from a shop called "Hotel Chocolat" Yum Yum! they even give you free chocolate when you are browsing the shop!

Here is what my creative mess looked like today! Sweet Spuds May kit layed out on my floor! I scrapped one layout with it so far. This layout is for Category Stories latest challenge about candy! I LOVE my candy I cannot go a day without it! and I could not resist using some candy/choccie wrappers for this layout.

I have the whole house to myself now for about 4 hours............I am going to do what I have not done in a long time, but some music on REALLY LOUD and dance around my house like I am the best singer/dancer in the whole of the uk! (even though I am the most rubbish)!


Saturday, 10 May 2008

Summer Time

It has been hot here in the UK for a week now, summer is officially here! I scrapped this layout this morning, so early because I wanted to scrap but wanted to sit in the sunshine and chillax, so I decided to scrap at 9am. I used some funky Kitty Robot buttons they actually made the layout complete as they added so much dimention and color.

I love this because its true for me at the moment! I am starting to be proud of myself and my beliefs and I am starting to be happy with the person I am becoming! I have alot of strong views and opinions and do not want to follow what is "normal" I want to just be me!

Here is some eyecandy some cupcakes and eyeshadow I bought this week, look at the colors on that eyeshadow!!! it lasts all day which is good for someone like me, I never carry a mirror or makeup so what I put on in the morning has to last lol.

I spent all afternoon in the garden! it was lovely and Roxie came out and sat with me.......she is a strange cat, she does not like going outside in the day. Roxie is getting better though and as its Summer and we are all outside she does not want to miss out on the fun and comes outside to join us!
I took an hour this morning to go though some kits I still have in boxes that I have used but not thrown away the scraps etc, I had 4 boxes and had to decide what to keep! I feel like I have more room now!
Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, 6 May 2008


Wow! I am so happy right now! sorry to sound like I am bragging but I made this weeks Catwalk HERE with the layout "I Rock" which I posted in my previous post! Lisa Garay picked me! and I am so so honored! this layout kind of ment alot to me, because it was not easy to be positive and the design with cutting out the photo etc was a change for me so I guess this layout has made me feel good about myself a tiny bit.
This layout I created yesterday "A Step Break" having a break on the Spanish Steps in Rome! I used the April Dozens kit! I still have some left! its amazing how much you can make out of kits.Here is today's 365 photo! after having a 3 day weekend (national UK holiday yesterday) I really did not want to go to work today.

Tomorrow after work I am going shopping to spend my birthday money! I cannot believe I have not spent it yet. Its also gorgeous weather here in the UK.........well here in the south! a bit of sun and everyone is in their shorts and flip flops lol. xxxxx

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Got My Scrap On

I got up at 9am this morning (late for me) and ate a fruit salad and cleaned my bedroom until there was no dust in site! then got my scrap on! I am liking scrapping on the floor at the moment! I feel I have more space and can move around more.

The top layout was for a challenge on SISTV to do a layout about positive things about yourself. I found this really hard, I know not many people love themselves but I have no confidence in myself! I was bullied pretty much all through school which convinced me I am ugly and I am always negative about myself I never say "I am really creative" or "I am a great cook" which I am........I wish I could love myself more...
This layout Is of the Trevi Fountain in Rome, I thought the paper went really well with the photo! I loved the April Sweet Spuds Kit!

Now this gorgeous piece of art I just had to share with you! I took this photo in Rome, we were walking to the Spanish Steps and came across a man outside his restaurant carving Roses out of a pumkin! I was amazed!

Saturday, 3 May 2008

Sunny Saturday

Today is my first day of my 3 day weekend! Its now 4pm here. I went shopping this morning and got back at 1pm! I tried to find a skirt but could not find the perfect one, to big too small or did not like the way it looked. I ended up buying clothes which I did not go to get lol.

I made this layout when I got back, me eating Ice-cream in Italy! using the April Sweet Spuds Kit! I then made some home-made soup from scratch for lunch and bought some french-bread. I have been baking bread too! now I am sitting back relaxing and watching juno for the 3rd time.
Here is what I was wearing today, I can never decide what to wear, what accessories match my outfit and what bag goes! I always judge the weather wrong too! If I wear short sleeves it ends up being a freezing cold day.
Have a great Saturday. xx

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

New Blog Header and Ramblings

What do you think of my new header??? A couple of people have noticed it already! thank you for the comments! I wanted a bit of a change so added new music too.
  1. Here are a couple of photos from Rome the Trevi Fountain and me trowing a coin in.......if you throw a coin backwards into the fountain you will return to Rome (I sure hope so).

2. Cannot wait till this weekend! Monday is a UK holiday so its a 3 day weekend, lots of scrapping, painting and watching old movies!

3. Love that it is light when I get home! and the sun is starting to come out showing signs that summer is here.

4. I am having a spending spree on ASOS DOT COM! there is so much new stock on that site, got to get me some.

Sunday, 27 April 2008

Scrapping At Last

At last I had a morning to scrap a couple of layouts! and its now 1pm! I got two kits while I was on Holiday and I started working my way through the Dozens Kit for these two layouts of Rome.
The papers are perfect for scrapping my photos of Italy! I was tagged by Laura this week to post 7 random facts about they are!
1. I once saw Snape from Harry Potter (Alan Rickman) In London and he said hello to me.
2. My favorite food is Sushi.
3. I once wanted to be a chef because I loved cooking so much! but decided I wanted cooking as a hobby rather than a career.
4. My favorite moment ever was flying over New York In a helicopter.
5. I used to create and write lyrics to songs
6. I drink too much diet pepsi
7. The top song on my I-pod playlist this week is "Daylight" By Kelly Rowland.

Have a great weekend. xx

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Guess Who Is Back?????????

I had an AMAZING time in Rome Italy! I we took over 200 photos! I have picked a few to share with you in this post but I will keep posting photos over the next few weeks.

These two photos are my FAVORITES! on my mission was to have my photo taken with some gladiators outside the Colosseum! and I did it! wooo! I love these photos and love how scared my mum looks! the gladiator next to me kept saying how beautiful I was.......ciao bella!
The city is breathtaking, the following photos are of our first day, we arrived at 1pm and had lunch and had a walk past the collosseum, up to the top of a building where we walked up hundreds of stairs but the view was worth it. We then walked back to our hotel and settled in and had a meal at a nearby restaurant and then back to the hotels for cocktails.
One Day it was very hot weather just like Saturday we walked to the Trevi Fountain which was so beautiful and magnificent! we visited the spanish steps and had a tour of the Collesseum which I found very intersting, the whole story of the gladiators and how it was built and how when it was not used anymore the peasents of the city took the metal out of the building to make money and to build houses.......that is why the collesseum has so many holes in it. I could go on forever talking about it!

We shopped and had dinner in a Pizzeria and sat outside, the pizza was delicious and a band played music "Thats Amore" as we ate.

The first day photos of the collesseum and me in the hotel bar with my cosmopolitan.
There was the same barman every night he made the best cocktails I have ever tasted.
I am still going through my photos and there are so many more I want to share we spent a whole day on a guided tour of the Vatican which simply amazing and the sistean chapel made me speechless! and emotional to think that Michael Angelo painted that ceiling all those years ago and the st Peters was huge and there was so much to look at.
I could go on forever about how much of a wonderful time we had. The ice cream was gorgeous and the people are so friendly and yes the men are GORGEOUS!!!! I got called a "blonde bombshell" by a waiter and a guy at reception said "you are how they say in England cute" in an Itallian accent! I never get those kinds of compliments so I loved it lol!
I will be posting more photos and more details of my trip! and I will be scrapping this weekend if I can get all my washing and ironing done! lol xxx

Thursday, 17 April 2008

On Vactation To Rome

YAY! At last one more day till my trip to Rome!!!! so excited! I am really disorganized though I am only just starting to pack!
I have been learning all the basic words of Italian all week, please, thank you, hello goodbye etc. I think its rude to go to another country and not know basic words like that!
I cannot wait to taste the gorgeous pizzas, pasta and ice-cream!
I will be back next week! xxxxx

Sunday, 13 April 2008

I Got My Mojo Back!

Two posts in two days! wow I am back on track lol! I got my mojo back this morning! wohoo! my mind is usually full of ideas, I have to write them down, but this week my mind has been on other things and planning my trip next weekend, that when I thought of scrapping my mind was blank.......nothing popped into my head. Until this morning YAY! I woke up at 8am to scrap this layout. Its for the latest scrap mojo challenge, I created a layout to help me plan what to take with me on my trip to Italy.

With work stressing me out I have not really had time to think about my Holiday to Rome, and all of a sudden its next weekend! This layout has helped me so much and I am looking forward to going to Rome next weekend. I am sticking this layout on my mirror, to remind me what to take!

I treated myself to a new I-pod Nano yesterday! I love it, its so cute and I will use it on my holiday, I am sitting here trying to upload some tunes, could anyone give me some good tunes???? I am on number 20 and now I cannot think of anymore. Whenever I am driving I always hear songs and think "I must download that" and then I forget it lol!

Here are some links I am loving right now.

I am spending the rest of my Sunday watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer, making cookies and checking all of my travel documents are ok!

Have a great Day!

Saturday, 12 April 2008

Early Birthday Pressie

I have nothing scrapping to share! I have lots of stuff to play with but have had no time! and I am hoping to try to get one layout done tomorrow! Its been a busy week I had an interview, found out they really liked me and was in the running for the job and they were interviewing till the end of the week, but I have not heard and I know it is a no, work has been stressful and my car is playing up! the breaks and the gear stick. I am also trying to get organized for Rome which is exactly a week today.

My mum gave me an early birthday present this morning, she knows how stressed I am and as we are in Rome for my birthday on 21st I have been given this gorgeous bag early! I LOVE IT! its so bright and different. My mum said she has some little presents she is taking on our trip so I can open them when I am there.

A closeup of my bag! I love this cluster of goodness lol.
Other news is I have upgraded my flickr account to a pro account! wooo! about time! haha, here is a latest photo from my 365 day project, I got my haircut on Thursday.

I wish I could style it like this perfect. My hairdresser makes it look so easy!