Sunday, 30 September 2007

Sunday Lazy Days!

LOL! I just HAD to post this picture! this is last week, Roxie looking at phoebe (my other cat) through the window and Phoebe hissing at Roxie! Roxie just wants to play with Phoebe but poor Phoebs thinks little Rox is a threat! most of the afternoons Roxie chases Phoebe and Phoebe runs away hissing.........but that does not bother Roxie, she just chases her.
Here is a photo of Roxies first time out in the garden! my little baby looks too small to be going out! I have just been letting her in the garden, she is not big enough to climb over any walls yet! but I went to the top of the garden and called ROXIE and she came bounding over puring away!
  • Most of today I have been working on my first layout for Scrapping The Music!!! thats the only layout I am doing this weekend and I cannot post it until next Sunday when It is on the site!!! AAAAAAAAAH I want to post it now! I am so impatient! cannot wait until next Sunday! maybe I will post a small sneak peak in the week.......I would have had time to do a layout yesterday but I really had to have a tidy up and clean my room which took me hours.
Have a wonderful Sunday
Nikki Monique Wartho xx

Saturday, 29 September 2007

Saturday Randomness

Happy Saturday!!!!!!! A two packages arrived for me today! one was from Tracy! who has sent me lots of goodies! she really put some thought into what she sent me! Thank you so much!!!! (I shall send you a thank you email on Monday when I will let you know that I have sent your goodies).

The 2nd package was some buttons including clear buttons! I love to doodle on buttons so thought I would doodle some to send to Tracy! I used Black, green and red to coordinate them!

since making these I have just hand painted some buttons too! so thats my crafty thing for today!

I also bought these novelty cute stickers and badges which I am sooooooo using in a layout!!!! sorry for the rubbish photo! I tried to edit it and this was the best I could do.

Oh and I have just changed my blog colors! just added some fall colors, I will change it in a month to be christmasy! can you believe its october on Monday???? crazy!

Thursday, 27 September 2007

Weekend Goals

Just a quick update! This week has gone so slow!!!! but tomorrow is Friday!!!! I am now 100% well again! I was so ill and I am so glad I am fit as a fiddle! ok here are my aims for the weekend!

  • Buy Ugly Betty Season 1 on DVD! Its just come out here in the uk! YAY!
  • Complete my package of goodies for my SISTV swap with Tracey!
  • Complete my first DT layout for Scrapping The Music.
  • Let Roxie outside for the first time (scared but excited! she will love it though)

I think I can achieve them goals! however I have cleaning to do, ironing and errands to run! but I am super girl I can do all these things!!!!

Sunday, 23 September 2007

Big News!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG!!!! soooooooooo excited!!!! I was literally just going to log off and I recieved an email from Mary Yontz from Scrapping The Music to tell me I made it on the Design Team WOOOOOOOO! I seriously feel so honoured!!!!!!! check it out! its going to be great! Music inspires me so much and this site is brilliant because your challenged to scrap music!

I am not sure who else is on the DT yet! but I cannot wait to find out!!!!!! right I really have to log off now!!! I was supposed to log off an hour ago! and Roxie is crying to be fed!

I'll leave you with this layout (above) which was created for the category stories challenge to scrap you favourite body part! I chose my eyes! and I was in the mood to use more of the "I heart candy town" collection! so fun!

Saturday, 22 September 2007


I have spent this morning working on this layout for the OLW challenge! to use the word "Perfect", the first thing that came into my head was Roxie! and as cats purrr I wanted to change the title to "Purrfect" this adds my personal ideas and take on the challenge! I used Tinkering Ink PP, doodled border, Love Elsie ribbon, Bampop journal frame and Hambly overlay flowers. The title is AC thickers which I outlined and added little gems to.

The journaling reads... "This little Kitten has been called a Gremlin! but to me she is gorgeous, furry, friendly and a joy to have, to me Roxie you are Purrrfect!"
Its true she is perfect. People say Roxie looks different and does not look like a cat! which I think is not fear! I love her because she is unique, she is furry and so cute like a little bear! she is so loving and sweet, alot different to my other cat Phoebe who hisses at everyone, she is not friendly at all but she is what people would say perfect looking!

Well this layout is for Roxie my unique sweet and pretty little cat who is the best cat a girl could ask for!

Friday, 21 September 2007

Read All About It.........Braceface Is Free!

I managed to create a layout with my Bampop collection! yay for me! especially as I am still Ill today, but ALOT better! I just feel exhausted and I just need to rest, I ment to scrap this morning but did not start till lunch as I had no energy. I nearly passed out when I completed this layout! but I did finish it, and considering I am ill I dont think it turned out too bad.

The layout is of me 5 years ago when I had braces (and thats my school uniform) I just had to scrap these pix with the Bam pop. The blue pp called out to me as it went with my school uniform, and I wanted a black background. I doodled swirly borders around the photos and used various alphas for the title. "Braceface is free" and arrow to show the before and after pictures.

I cut out those critters from pp and used foam dots to attach them to the page as this adds dimention and makes them pop from the page. The top critter looks like its shouting the title hehe. I then added a button border between the pp and black border and lastly used the pop frames to add journaling, and outlined the title.


Thursday, 20 September 2007

I feel Sick

I am off work sick today! argh I feel awful, I have a sore throat and I am all achey and hot, my eyes feel heavy and I was sick last night! I am lying in bed with a drink of hot lemon! I cannot eat as I have been sick! argh what a nightmare! I have not been sick at work for a year so Its not like I make a habit of it! I dont think I will be going in tomorrow as I need to rest.
On a happy note my BamPop Vol3 arrived from the USA yesterday! how exciting!!!!!!!!!! Its sitting right next to me now, and If I was not so ill I would be scrapping with the papers right now! ooooooh I hope I am better the weekend! I have to get stuck into my Bampop LOL.

Sunday, 16 September 2007

Feeling Wild!!!!!!

This morning I really felt like scrapping something funky! I just had to dig into my hambly stash and I realy wanted to use this zebra pp! this picture of Roxie was perfect for this PP! this is her "Naughty Face" she has alot of different faces let me tell you that! theres cute face when she wants cuddles, sad face when she does not get her own way, crazy face when she is jumping around and this Naughty Face is when she is stalking something and is in a playful mood. I used Ki Memories Wild Thing PP and that gave me inspiration for the title! haha.

I used some Hambly transparancys and the bird cage rub on, this was very risky let me tell you! all the rub ons I have ever bought never rub on right and ruin the layout but Hambly have restored my faith in rub-ons! I must have traced over the rub ons a million times to make sure it came out and it did YAY!!!!
We also have a paper posie I scrunched, inked and painted the outside in red, ribbon and doodled button as well as a doodled frame, some of the ribbon and half of the title is Love Elsie! never be afraid to mix products! if its what you feel looks good through it onto the page.

I have just realised I have not done any ironing today and therefore will have nothing to wear for work tomorrow! argh I would rather spend time on here! mmmmmmmh ironing........Internet? I think I'll stay on here for a bit longer lol.

Saturday, 15 September 2007

La Weekend

I am so glad its Saturday! I have had the most awful week! so much pressure has been put on me and I cracked on Wednesday and burst into tears at work! and I never cry at work! its just stupid! I seriously feel down, they do not appreciate what I am having to do.........and I am just not paid enough!

Scrapping this layout today has made me feel a bit better! isnt it amazing how scrapping helps with stress! I have been meaning to start scrapping my New York photos from 2006, this pic is of me on the window ledge of our hotel room, overlooking St Patricks and The Rockafeller Centre, gosh the way I have been feeling this week I wish I was there right now!

This morning I went to Bluewater a shopping mall to buy lots of fruit salads and a friend of mine who works in GAP gave me a 25% off voucher for this weekend, and so I bought a big comfy jumper!

Have a great weekend.

Sunday, 9 September 2007

Movie Star

I could not sleep this morning! I was up at 5am! stressing and worrying about work and what I have to remember to do on Monday! argh! I hate my job!!!!!!! I let Roxie out of her room, cleaned her tray and gave her some breakie. Then by about 6.30am I decided to scrap! you know when you are just in the scrappy mood? Roxie followed me to my room and I scrapped this layout "Movie Star" with roxie asleep on my lap the whole time LOL!!!!!!!!

This is a pic of me a few years ago when I visited Madam Tusauds in London! I love this pic of me and Marilyn Monroe wax statue. I used Ki Memories PP, American Craft Thickers, chipboard stars which I doodled dots on, scalloped card, buttons, painted dots around the layout and a doodle photo border.

Have a great Sunday!

Sunday, 2 September 2007


I have just completed this layout! of Roxie and I! I wanted to create a layout to show how much I love her! seriously she has bought alot of joy into my life. Sure she is naughty at times and very hard work but I have never moaned about her or said a bad word about her! I have learnt so much from her. She is very clever and cuddly and loves me just as much as I love her! I love watching her grow every day! she is learning new things everyday and being more daring!

I created a kind of circle, half of the circle I cut out flowers from Urban Lily pp, I jazzed this up a bit by doodling and adding brads and felt to the centre of each flower. The other half of the circle I have painted a rainbow like pattern, I love paint!

Lastly I doodled on the title! I might hang this one in my room!

Saturday, 1 September 2007

Daddy's Girl

I just realised I had not shared this layout here yet! I really thought I posted it!
This layout is of my dad and I when I was a baby! its such a cute photo! as there is alot of blue in the photo I wanted that to be the main color of the layout. I used SISTV "I heart candytown" paper and popsicle stick, stamps are safarass lass & I doodled in the centre of each. I wanted to keep this layout simple yet effective.

I love this 6x12 format! Its great for quick layouts!

Today is Saturday and I have spent most of this afternoon at the hairdressers having my hair colored! it takes forever at the hairdressers, I think I was there for 3 hours.

I am hoping to get scrapping tomorrow.