Thursday, 21 June 2007


WOOOOOOOOO I swam 2 miles today!!!!!!!!! all in aid of charity of course! gosh I cannot believe I actually did it! I used to swim for Kent when I was 10 years old and then gave it up when I was 12, so thats 7 years ago and obviously I was not a strong a swimmer as I used to be, but with a bit of practise at the gym I have got alot stronger and managed to complete the 2 miles! I am starving hungry though and my legs are aching! I have eaten pasta, cheese and crackers and I am still hungry!

Here is my latest Creation with my "Love Elsie" Goodies! It is of me and my first car! I called it girl racer and wanted to create a girly yet grunge layout! I layers the pp and did some paper tearing and inked at the bottom, Cut small strips of ribbon to arrange on the left side of the layout. Using a sticker as a base I attached ribbon to the back to create a flower effect. There is blue rik rak at the bottom of the photo, to the end I added a chipboard flower and using tweezers attached gems. I colored in pink some of the words on the bottom pp.

I am in the middle of writing my entry for Scrapbook Inspirations "Best Newcomer Scrapbooker" I am typing it away now and hope to send it off this week!

Sunday, 17 June 2007

My Dreams

I took a pic of my newest additions to my stash, the Love Elsie Betsie and Roxie kits, Queen & Co Felt ribbon, American Craft Thicker Stickers! It just screams "come and use me". I am going to have to cut down on the amound I spend........I got paid Friday so I was thinking of just having one spend this week on a US site where I can get everything I want then buy nothing the rest of the month......I hope I can stick to it!

My latest lo "My dreams" I thought I would create a layout of the main dreams I have, I used Queen & Co felt ribbon which really stands out! doodled on buttons and used a basic grey rub on. I'll talk about the dreams on my layout To Bungee Jump In Newzealand I have wanted to do this since I was about 10 years old! If I bungee jump it has to be in Newzealand. To Write my own Novel/book - I am always writing stories, songs and creating my own recipies, at some point in my life I would like to write a whole novel or recipe book. To run the London Marathon - I watch this on TV every year and wish I had the determination to do it! give me 10 years and I will have run the Marathon! To visit New York again - I was lucky enough to visit New York last year, its the best place I have visited and there is alot more I would like to see and do there, I am sure this is achievable I just have to save up. To eat Sushi in a restaurant in Japan - I love Sushi and the whole Japaneese culture, I would like to have the experience of eating Sushi in Japan. For one of my scrapbook layouts to be pubished - This Is a big goal of mine, for my scrapbook work to be published would be amazing, people may see my work and be inspired, someday I hope this happens!

Have a great Sunday. xxx

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Shades Rock

At last I have uploaded my first Love Elsie Layout! using the Roxie Line! This pic goes with the colors of the layout perfectly! this layout looks alot better in real life, I journalled onto the photo on my PC and it really has not shown up well in this photo but in real life it is as clear as a window I promise!

The line is sooooo yummy and very me! and the betty range which I have not had a chance to play with yet! 2 more days until the weekend and counting!

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Phoebe In The Sun

HAHA I love these pics of phoebe my cat! I took them today of her having fun in the sun! she is so cute! a bit of sun and shes there!

Sunday, 10 June 2007

Two Peas In a Pod & A Crash

Well what a MAD week it has been! the main thing which happend is that I had my first car crash! well it was not a proper smash up crash........more of an accident! I reversed too much then I should have and hit a car. I can still hear the sound of the smash.......I just closed my eyes, took a deep breath and walked out of the car to see the damage.......and to my shock THERE IS NOT A STRATCH! and there was not a scratch on the other car either! I am soooooooo lucky! but It really shocked me and I was shaken up from it......and I did cry! I got myself back in my car this morning to go swimming because otherwise I know If I do not get back behind the wheel I never will. I am more scared then ever though, I do not like driving!!!

The above layout is of my mum and I. We are so similar and that is why we fight! in that picture we are both not wearing makeup as we were on vacation and relaxed! and we look like twins! I used Perfectly Posh PP's by Tinkering Ink! I do not tend to use primas in my layouts but they suit this lo perfect. I was playing around with the lo and came up with the idea of doodling on my buttons! I was a bit scared the ink would not dry and they would smudge, however after an hour they were dry! those Sakura Glaze pens are brilliant. I will definately be using this doodle button technique more often.

I still have a plain mini book which is calling for me to design it! I need to decide what I want to base it on!

Sunday, 3 June 2007

Back From Vacation

I am back from vacation! I had a great time! it was not long enough I can tell you! and its funny how as soon as you go back to work its like you have never been away!

We drove up to Stratford Upon Avon on Sunday and spent the day there, Monday we went to Alton Towers which is a theme park! I was pretty scared about the rollercoasters but I went on them all!!!!!! its such a big park but we managed to get it all done in a day as there was no queues.

Tuesday and Wednesday we stayed in the Cotswolds which is just beautiful (pic above) Its just so different to the city I love it! Oh and I forgot to mention I found a scrapbook shop in Stratford called BlueMoon! I went crazy in there and spent alot!!!!
I was not able to scrap for a week and this weekend I scrapped 3 pages! the weekend has flown by though which is not a good thing! Scrapping does make time fly! here are some of my work from the weekend! I will upload more tomorrow.

This is the bag I bought with my birthday money! Its a Pauls Botique and each bag he makes is different which I just love! I was inspired by the star print on the bag and used stars as my theme, main product used is scenic route laurel PP.

Yep you have guessed it! this is a pic of me and my brother on one of the rollercoasters at the theme park! Look at the fear on my face! I honestly did enjoy it though! I used 3bugs in a rug Stars PP. The blue stars are Autumn leaves stamps and the title is American Crafts!