Friday, 7 December 2007

Naughty & Nice

Today I took the day off work to go Christmas shopping! and when I got back I was really in the festive mood and scrapped this layout "Naughty & Nice" I have been looking forward to digging into my Love Elsie "Noel" collection, today seemed the perfect day to scrap.

Roxie is at the vets being spayed! I cried when I dropped her off! the vet is lovely though and I know she will be in safe hands. I can pick her up in a couple of hours. The vet said they would call me to let me know the op went ok, but I have not heard anything yet.
Here is a a pic of my Christmas Tree! its very traditional and all the decorations are from different places in the world each one tells a story, thats why our tree is so special. You can see the vegas decoration, the mikey mouse ears I bought back from Disney Paris, the gingerbread man is from Stratford upon Avon! we have so many decorations I could look at them all day!

The house seems soooo quiet without Roxie Kitten........I don't like it!!!! I might go and do some more scrapping to keep myself busy while I wait for the vet to call.


ScrapFairy said...

ahh I am sure she will be fine. The vet will take great care of her.Love your layout and love the starbucks one down farther so cute.
Have a great wek.

Shalay said...

I love the idea of having ornaments from all the places you've traveled! I think I may start doing that.

ricanlaw said...

Love the layout. Your tree is cute and I know how meaningful ornaments can be. Thanks for sharing. ;)