Saturday, 22 December 2007

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Yes Christmas is here at last!!!! yesterday at work was SO BUSY! all of our clients were chilling out and having a more relaxing day in the office eating mince pies and having a drink and we had too much work and knowone was in the festive spirit BAH humbug!!!!
While wishing the clock would turn to 5pm yesterday I had the idea to buy my mum some flowers. my local florist made up this gorgeous bouquet of flowers, roses and Christmas flowers!
My mum has been feeling down lately and has some worries with her health, we are waiting for worrying results, right ontop of Christmas so I thought these would cheer her up..........and they sure did, she cried with happiness.

So its now busy busy, here is my plans for the next few days.

  • Today - Food Shopping at 7am - total cost £170 ($300)
    Tonight we have family over, my aunt, uncle and cousians, they are arriving in an hour, I must get ready. We might set up our Nintendo Wii tonight aaah so exciting.
  • Sunday - My mum and I are going to the movies to watch "St Trinians" Colin Firth is in it, and my mum had a huge crush on him. we will come home and make sausage rolls and ice our Christmas cake. Eat leftovers from tonights buffet.
  • Christmas Eve - I will go to the cemetery with my mum to lay a wreath where my nan and Grandad were laid to rest. We will then cook for most of the day, chestnut stuffing, trifle, peel the veg for the next day. We are going for a family meal in a restaurant in the evening.
  • Christmas Day - Traditional family Christmas.......the older generation fall asleep after dinner!
  • Boxing Day (day after Christmas) - go to the gym, visit some friends for some drinks, then come home and eat leftovers from Chritmas dinner yummy!



shelly b said...

Happy Holidays girl!!!

EllePiggo said...

Merry Christmas Nikki. Sounds like you've got a good few days ahead. :)
Hope your mum is okay.