Thursday, 27 December 2007

Lots Of Time

A little sneak peak of something I am working on! As I am off work until Wednesday I have some time to do things I enjoy........Scrap!

I have had a great Christmas, spending time with the Family no arguments, we have all been getting along really well, playing our new Nintendo Wii! I love this picutre of my brother and I! he is so much taller than me.....he is two years younger and I always used to be taller than him! 2 years ago he just shot above me in height.

I got this gorgeous Valour Juicy purse from my parents, they bought it in the US and it was half the price I would pay for it here in the UK! I love it!!!
Me and my new camera! argh I LOVE THIS CAMERA! I have alot of reading through the instructions to do, its brilliant compared to my old camera.
I have eaten sooooo much, I have not been to the gym for a week and when I went today I really felt unfit! I got out of breath in 10 mins of my workout.
I am hoping to complete my little project tomorrow, so watch out for an update!


Darlene said...

what a yummy purse! Can't wait to see your finished project!

christiane said...

looks like a fab christmas!! your sneakie makes me curious and i'm looking forward to work with you!! :))