Sunday, 2 December 2007

Crazy Week.

This layout is for the latest OLW challenge to use the word "Live" I do feel like I live to scrap! its all I think about! at the gym, work when I am trying to sleep I am thinking of Scrapping Ideas. I am thinking of using this as a new Blog Header!

This layout is for this weeks challenge at Scrapping The Music! the song is Fergies "Big Girls Don't Cry" I do cry so I changed the words :D
This week has been soooooooo mad in my house! the boiler broke and a pipe in my loft burst right above my wardrobe! water dripped from the ceiling and If I had not woke up at 3am and heart the water falling I would have lost all my scrapbook pages! as well as photos and clothes (which are replacable) but photos and scrapbook pages are memories! we were lucky!
We have had 3 days without heating! which as you can imagine has been really difficult but we have managed and a plumber came to fix everything yesterday and its ok now! I have a nice warm house again.



Hey.. saw you on SIStv. Great layouts!!!! Happy Holidays.

Julie Ann Shahin said...

Great layouts!

Aline said...

Great layouts and colors!

Gwen said...

i am back from the reunion island!!!
very creative layout love the black and white one!!congrats!!!