Thursday, 20 December 2007


I am taking part in 365 over at Flickr! the name of the game is to take a self portrait for every day of the does not always have to be you face it could just have your hand or your feet. I really want to do my best to do this!!! I am hopefully getting a new Camera for Christmas, which will really help as my current camera is rubbish and its really difficult to edit photos with! here is my flickr page.

ONE MORE DAY AT WORK THEN 11 DAYS OF HOLIDAY!!!!!!!! aaaaaaah I cannot wait!!!!!!! I booked time off as the office closes for a couple of days and I used two days leave so I end up having 11 days off! thats a result as I have worked so hard the last couple of months, trying to get a bonus! so I need the break!

How long do you all get off at Christmas?

Love Nikki xx

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Jill Deiling said...

very cool! i know i wouldnt keep up with the 365 over at flickr, haha. youre so lucky you get 11 days off! I get ONE off, it sucks :P