Thursday, 8 November 2007

Questions Please

I created this lo yesterday at like 6am LOL the idea for this girly hello kitty lo came into my head and I had to scrap it, yeah I know its mega pink but I think it suits the layout. Roxie always follows me around the house and I always say "hello kitty".

My parents are back from Vegas tomorrow! I have really missed being able to speak to them! and Its been hard work having to clean the whole house all the time, normally my mum and I share the jobs but its been such hard work......and Roxie has been a naughty kitty! seriously jumping into washing machines eating wires......all things which could kill her she has been doing.

Ok I am bored Ask me some questions?????????? go on! it can be scrap related to favourites........anything PLEASE COMMENT WITH A QUESTION!
I need a little task lol. I will type the answers and make a post of the questions and answers!

I was also thinking it would be really cool to do a watch this space I shall make a post! :D

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