Saturday, 10 November 2007

Picture Post

This is such a bad pic of me! no makeup and awful hair which I covered up with a hat, a quick picture of me and Roxie just before I went to the shops to buy some bread for lunch.

Hershey bar which my parents bought back from Las Vegas! we dont get this chocolate here in the UK, we have cadbury's which is probably better chocolate but its nice to have something different.

They bought me 3 packets of these as I love them! when I went to NYC I bought a bucket of these home from the Hershey shop in Times Square lol

Ok these were a BARGIN! here in the UK Timberlands are £100 which is roughly converted $180, but because of the great conversion rate at the moment these boots were $40 which is £20! so I have saved like £80! these boots are somthing I wear for casual days and walking! I cannot believe the price of them!

Lastly a sneak peak of my layout for tomorrows challenge at Scrapping The Music!


shelly b said...

love those boots! hersheys is better than cadbury in my opinion...but that's just me.

Colleen said...

Love the boots and can't wait to see your layout! Glad you found us over at Scrapperie!

Pearl Maple said...

mmm Hershey mmmm
Cool boots - in pink no less!
Thanks for pointing out the chipboard buttons, very creative, must look them up.
Enjoyed reading your blog today, so happy bright and fresh.