Saturday, 17 November 2007


At last!!! I can scrap!!!!!!! I have had 10 days without a printer.......and this morning I got it working again, I printed 4 pictures and then the printer stopped working again!!!!!!!!!! which is kind of annoying, but on the bright side I have the four pictures I wanted to scrap with. Hopefully an engineer will be over this week to fix it.

The above photo I have used the gorgeous "Zoe" range from "Love Elsie". I had this idea in my head for ages!!!!! the scan came out a little bright as that is not working well either.

It has got very cold here in the UK the last week! frost all over the car in the morning, so I have to leave 10 mintues early to get the ice off my car! I kind of like it though.......I love this time of year!


Aline said...

Looks great and I hope your printer is working soon again!

Jill Deiling said...

very cool layout, i loves it!