Saturday, 3 November 2007

My Etsy

Here is some news! I have opened an Etsy Store......... FUNKY DESIGNS

At the moment there are 3 sets of 4 handpainted/handdoodled foam flowers, which was inspired by my little cousian as she had to do an art project and I took her to hobbycraft and looking at kids crafts and found foam shapes including flowers. We added glitter for her project but then I decided to make the leftover foam flowers into cute funky embelishments!

I am hoping to put together some mini kits too soon! but I wanted to test the water so to speak and see if these flowers are a hit and if they are I will create some more. I have just created a paypal account so I hope that all works!

Also I have the whole week of work! horray!!!!!!!!! and Love Elsies Zoe and Noel ranges came out in the UK on Friday so I ordered a next day delivery, so the order will be dispatched Monday and I will receive it Tuesday WOOOOOOO!

I also have some yummy Hambly to play with!

Have a great weekend Love Nikki


toofclnr said...

hey those flowers, i opened an etsy last week too, nothing in it though! ha....just thought i needed one! maybe someday.... i am loving your stuff though,you will do very well i think! enjy your week off work, i am so jealous! ha!

Jill Deiling said...

very cool and creative!!

Aline said...

Hey, love those flowers, really awesome! :)