Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Layouts For My Bedroom Wall Part 2

I did my 2nd layout for my newly decorated bedroom Sunday "Roxie" the little cutie, this photo was taken the first week I got her. She is alot bigger now she is 20 weeks old! went crazy with doodles, buttons and used some stamps which I used pen to give a bit of color. The paper posie is handmade and painted :D

Here are the two pictures in their glory!!! they really look good together and really brighten up my wall! I still have a whole wall to play with! I am trying to decide what I want on that wall. The thing about these frames are that I can take these layouts out and change them if I want. I think I will leave these up for the winter and change the layouts in the spring.

The UK has hit a cold spell at the moment! its freeeeeeeeezing! I had to wear gloves and a scarf! winter is officially here! and I love it! my favourite time of year, coming home from work to a nice warm house and drinking hot chocolate on a Sunday and that cozy feeling!


Bekka said...

Very cute! I have a few layouts on my wall, too.

toofclnr said...

woo hoooooo...GREAT LAYOUTSSSSS!!! LOVE your work. sorry i haven't been around lately, remodeling the basement has taken over my life!!! hope all is well on your side of the world...take care!!!

Lilian Schneider said...

That bedroom wall is looking better and better ;-).

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous layouts.:) Fab for your wall. I've nominated you for a smile award.:)