Friday, 26 October 2007

La Weekend Is Here

Ok I have GOT to do something about this scrapbook shopping addiction! seriously I am spending way to much money! but sometimes things are so wonderful you just have to have these cute little chipboard buttons from Adrienne Loomans Etsy store!

I bought the ones above and these black and white ones.

I cannot wait to receive these I have ideas of how to use them already. I am off to London to do some shopping.........I know I said I would not spend anymore, BUT i am not going for me.......I am going for my mum........she wants some clothes, I will not spend any money.........but selfridges is too nice.

Have a great weekend xx


shelly b said...

i have to get those buttons! i always look at those but never buy!

Aline said...

Aah, those buttons look great!!

Hope you had a great time shopping with your mom. :)