Thursday, 4 October 2007

Rushing Around

I just russled up these cakes! not bad for a rushed effort! Its been so cold and rainy all week here. However its the perfect fall atmosphere! and I spent all day at work looking forward to coming home turning my heating on, putting my pjs on and baking some cakes!

Tomorrow at work is a team building day! we are off to some luxury hotel in the Kent countryside to do activities such as Archery and treasure hunts! not my scene at all! I will give it my best and just hope the day goes fast lol!

I am hoping to get a couple of layouts done this weekend! as I should have a bit of time, the only thing I must do this weekend is go and buy Roxie Kitten a new bed! she has outgrown her one! my little baby is growing! she is more cuddly now she is bigger! I hope I can get her one on Saturday!

1 comment:

rmeyfe said...

I LOVE CUPCAKES! and your's are really cute!!!