Sunday, 30 September 2007

Sunday Lazy Days!

LOL! I just HAD to post this picture! this is last week, Roxie looking at phoebe (my other cat) through the window and Phoebe hissing at Roxie! Roxie just wants to play with Phoebe but poor Phoebs thinks little Rox is a threat! most of the afternoons Roxie chases Phoebe and Phoebe runs away hissing.........but that does not bother Roxie, she just chases her.
Here is a photo of Roxies first time out in the garden! my little baby looks too small to be going out! I have just been letting her in the garden, she is not big enough to climb over any walls yet! but I went to the top of the garden and called ROXIE and she came bounding over puring away!
  • Most of today I have been working on my first layout for Scrapping The Music!!! thats the only layout I am doing this weekend and I cannot post it until next Sunday when It is on the site!!! AAAAAAAAAH I want to post it now! I am so impatient! cannot wait until next Sunday! maybe I will post a small sneak peak in the week.......I would have had time to do a layout yesterday but I really had to have a tidy up and clean my room which took me hours.
Have a wonderful Sunday
Nikki Monique Wartho xx


shelly b said...

so funny!!! can't wait to see your LO!

Gwen said...

so cute....i love cats you know that i have 3 cats at home OMG totaly crazy....xoxo