Thursday, 20 September 2007

I feel Sick

I am off work sick today! argh I feel awful, I have a sore throat and I am all achey and hot, my eyes feel heavy and I was sick last night! I am lying in bed with a drink of hot lemon! I cannot eat as I have been sick! argh what a nightmare! I have not been sick at work for a year so Its not like I make a habit of it! I dont think I will be going in tomorrow as I need to rest.
On a happy note my BamPop Vol3 arrived from the USA yesterday! how exciting!!!!!!!!!! Its sitting right next to me now, and If I was not so ill I would be scrapping with the papers right now! ooooooh I hope I am better the weekend! I have to get stuck into my Bampop LOL.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear, I hope you're feeling better soon! Those papers look fab and funky!!:)

toofclnr said...

don't you just love those papers... i got them a few weeks back... have fun with them nikki, can't wait to see your creations...and GET BETTER SOON!, that's such a horrible thing to have! :D take care!