Sunday, 16 September 2007

Feeling Wild!!!!!!

This morning I really felt like scrapping something funky! I just had to dig into my hambly stash and I realy wanted to use this zebra pp! this picture of Roxie was perfect for this PP! this is her "Naughty Face" she has alot of different faces let me tell you that! theres cute face when she wants cuddles, sad face when she does not get her own way, crazy face when she is jumping around and this Naughty Face is when she is stalking something and is in a playful mood. I used Ki Memories Wild Thing PP and that gave me inspiration for the title! haha.

I used some Hambly transparancys and the bird cage rub on, this was very risky let me tell you! all the rub ons I have ever bought never rub on right and ruin the layout but Hambly have restored my faith in rub-ons! I must have traced over the rub ons a million times to make sure it came out and it did YAY!!!!
We also have a paper posie I scrunched, inked and painted the outside in red, ribbon and doodled button as well as a doodled frame, some of the ribbon and half of the title is Love Elsie! never be afraid to mix products! if its what you feel looks good through it onto the page.

I have just realised I have not done any ironing today and therefore will have nothing to wear for work tomorrow! argh I would rather spend time on here! mmmmmmmh ironing........Internet? I think I'll stay on here for a bit longer lol.