Wednesday, 1 August 2007


Hey! sorry for the lack of updates! things have been hectic, I have some big news..................................... I have a little kitten! she is all mine! I am paying for her, and all the treatments she needs and injections etc. I have named her Roxie & she is gorgeous! she looks like a little fox, plus she is fiesty so Roxie is the purrrrfect name.

My friends partners mum had kittens and two of them were twins, she had one and I had the other! she is 6.5 weeks old!

This kitten is so affectionate! she crys for cuddles and just loves people, my other cat phoebe is more of a "will do what she likes when she likes" kind of cat and hisses at us if we touch her! she was like that from when she was a kitten, so hopefully little Roxie will stay loving!

Cannot wait to scrap a layout on Roxie.