Monday, 13 August 2007

Pictures For the Parents Part 2

YAY! I completed the 2nd layout for my parents to hang on the wall of their dining room! (see previous entry) so the two layouts "Smile" & "Dublin" are complete! they do go well together altough they are a bit different which is what I was aiming for. My mum nearly cried LOL! she loved them both. My mum said she would like more they are so good. I emailed them both to my aunt to look at and she was so shocked I had created them, she says I should make a business out of this!

I am so glad I have done the pictures, its a big accomplishment.

My Hambly rubons have arrived but still no sign of the "I heart Candy Town Collection".

I have also bought a 12x6 album to experiment with that size page for layouts.

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