Saturday, 11 August 2007

Picture For Parents Part 1

Ok so do you remember a few posts back where I said that my parents have just decorated their dining room and wanted me to design two pics to frame and hang on the wall? well today I managed to get one picture done! (layout above) Horray!!! I feel so chuffed that they think my designs are good enough to display in their room, but they seem to love my work and that to me means the world! especially because when I first started scrapbooking they did not understand why I was doing it.........and thought I would not do it for long........and now they seem to be my biggest fans lol!

The layout is of me, my brother and my cousians, I have an orange theme going on as the dining room has just been decorated orange! I mainly used French Twist PP for this layout, and added a touch of paint creating some swirls, and used some Queen & Co Felt ribbon, felt shapes and buttons. As a final touch I added a doodled border around the photo and a swirly doodly border around the layout.

So thats one layout down and one to go for the parents! we are just about to have a BBQ! its HOT HOT here in London!

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Aline said...

This layout is gorgeous, I'm sure it will look great in their room!

Have a great evening and thanks for adding me to your blogroll! :)