Sunday, 26 August 2007

A couple of things

Its Monday and a national holiday here in the UK so I get today off work! and I am going to do nothing! mind you I have not slept in.....its 8am and I have been up since 6.40am to look after Roxie.
The above layout "Tasty Treats" I created yesterday, some of the papers in the "I heart candytown collection" really inspired me to create a layout based on frappuccinos, I wanted it to have a tropical summery chill out feel. I used some paint on this one! I love using paint! I am finding it difficult not to use paint in layouts!
This "Relax" card, I made for my living room to remind me to relax, because I am such a worrier, always thinking of things and stressing about work etc, even when I am sitting in my living room watching a movie (which I should be chilled) this card hopefully will remind me to RELAX! The only time I dont worry is when I scrapbook, I find it difficult not to scrapbook every day........because its the one thing that takes my mind off everything.


micayla said...

So glad I stopped by, you have been rocking those supplies!

Michelle said...

Yummy layouts!

toofclnr said...

OMG, we sound so much alike with the worrying thing.... love the relax card/sign you made...and great great layout!!!!
Hope you are enjoying your week!