Sunday, 26 August 2007

A couple of things

Its Monday and a national holiday here in the UK so I get today off work! and I am going to do nothing! mind you I have not slept in.....its 8am and I have been up since 6.40am to look after Roxie.
The above layout "Tasty Treats" I created yesterday, some of the papers in the "I heart candytown collection" really inspired me to create a layout based on frappuccinos, I wanted it to have a tropical summery chill out feel. I used some paint on this one! I love using paint! I am finding it difficult not to use paint in layouts!
This "Relax" card, I made for my living room to remind me to relax, because I am such a worrier, always thinking of things and stressing about work etc, even when I am sitting in my living room watching a movie (which I should be chilled) this card hopefully will remind me to RELAX! The only time I dont worry is when I scrapbook, I find it difficult not to scrapbook every day........because its the one thing that takes my mind off everything.

Saturday, 25 August 2007

cutie Pie

I am so glad its the weekend! and Monday is a national holiday in the UK so I get the day off work! a nice long weekend!

My "I heart Candy Town" Collection arrived this week! it turns out there was an error on their system and my order had not been shipped, but they put it on an express delivery and it took like 5 days!

The above layout "Cutie Pie" of Roxie Marie is paper from the collection cut into strips with the heart sequins and pink paperclip. I used American Craft Thickers, Pink cardstock and a white pen to create a doodle border, I used Hambly pink rub ons and of course doodled hearts and circles. I wrote "Roxie Marie" on the photo.

I got my photos developed this morning of Roxie and had to scrap with them right away! where I went to get my photos its self service so you can print them straight away, and there was a woman next to me who saw my photos printed and kept saying how gorgeous Roxie is!

More Scrapping coming up in the next couple of days!

Saturday, 18 August 2007

Sprinkles (With Help From Roxie)

Happy Saturday everyone! I am sharing a layout I created this morning called "Sprinkles", I made these cakes last week and got a bit carried away with the pink icing.......but thats because its one of my favourite colours!
To start this layout I got my white carstock and painted a square in the centre (see below).

I then cut and placed the Hambly Overlay over the painted square and attached the photo. I cut strips of Love Elsie PP from the Betty Range and arranged it to the left of the photo and the bottom of the photo.

I then cut out some shapes from the Sassfass Lass Scrumptious pp and placed them to the right of the layout. I had already created the title in my mind before I started the layout. I used Scenic Route Cream Alphas and then used Multi Coloured pens to create a sprinkles look by doodling on the alphas! they actually look good enough to eat!

The last touches was the journaling and the paper flower inspired by One Little Word I dabbed a little white paint on them and inked them. Lastly I doodled the swirly border. & 3 doodled buttons to the corner of the photo.

I had alot of help with this layout from Roxie! so I have to give her some credit LOL! she insisted on walking on the craft table and sitting on my lap watching what I was creating! so this layout is kind of special

Friday, 17 August 2007

Scraps Of Style Header

Here is a my new blog header! I scrapped it today! the picture does not do the layout justice....I have tried editing the pic but it did not come out as good as it looks in real life.......dont you just hate it when it happens!!
What do you think or the new header?
Main products used is KI Memories Suprise collection and Heidi Swap Alphas which I painted and Autumn Leaves Buttons. & Of course some doodling.

Monday, 13 August 2007

Pictures For the Parents Part 2

YAY! I completed the 2nd layout for my parents to hang on the wall of their dining room! (see previous entry) so the two layouts "Smile" & "Dublin" are complete! they do go well together altough they are a bit different which is what I was aiming for. My mum nearly cried LOL! she loved them both. My mum said she would like more they are so good. I emailed them both to my aunt to look at and she was so shocked I had created them, she says I should make a business out of this!

I am so glad I have done the pictures, its a big accomplishment.

My Hambly rubons have arrived but still no sign of the "I heart Candy Town Collection".

I have also bought a 12x6 album to experiment with that size page for layouts.

Saturday, 11 August 2007

Picture For Parents Part 1

Ok so do you remember a few posts back where I said that my parents have just decorated their dining room and wanted me to design two pics to frame and hang on the wall? well today I managed to get one picture done! (layout above) Horray!!! I feel so chuffed that they think my designs are good enough to display in their room, but they seem to love my work and that to me means the world! especially because when I first started scrapbooking they did not understand why I was doing it.........and thought I would not do it for long........and now they seem to be my biggest fans lol!

The layout is of me, my brother and my cousians, I have an orange theme going on as the dining room has just been decorated orange! I mainly used French Twist PP for this layout, and added a touch of paint creating some swirls, and used some Queen & Co Felt ribbon, felt shapes and buttons. As a final touch I added a doodled border around the photo and a swirly doodly border around the layout.

So thats one layout down and one to go for the parents! we are just about to have a BBQ! its HOT HOT here in London!

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Oh I hate waiting!

mmmmh Miss Nikki is getting very impatient! I am waiting for my Candy Town Collection to arrive.....I ordered it on 23rd July and as I am from the UK it can take up to 2 is 7th August so I expect it should be here anyday soon! but I cannot wait another day!!!!!

I am also still waiting for my Hambly rub ons! haha you will have gathered by now I am not patient!

I shall keep you updated on whether my goodies arrive! hopefully I will be scrapping one or both of the two pictures for my parents dining room! I have no idea what I want my layouts to look like, I do not work by sketches I tend to lay out the products I am going to use and let my creative juices flow! watch this space!

Sunday, 5 August 2007

Baby Roxie

Ok this week has been crazy! Firstly I have two layouts to share with you. The "Love Sushi" layout I created last week, I wanted to create a black and white layout to go with the sushi theme. I used a mix of Scenic Route and Love Elsie & created a black and white border around the layout, and a black and white circle border, there is some inking on the paper tearing, & I created a ribbon flower.
Now the top layout "Baby Roxie" I created today, it is of course of my gorgeous baby kitten Roxie! I used my Hambly overlays for the first time and cut out 3 hearts and attached them with little pink brads. I used glitter on the right of the hearts and some glitter on the flower stamps. The stamps and pp are Sassafras Lass. I could not help but include a speech bubble for the journaling "I am 6 Weeks Old and I love Cuddles with my mummy". She does bless her, this minute she is asleep on my lap as I type this, she just sleeps anywere.
I feel soooooooo tired, she needs constant attention as she is still a baby, she is learning things every day and I love watching her on her little adventures!

Wednesday, 1 August 2007


Hey! sorry for the lack of updates! things have been hectic, I have some big news..................................... I have a little kitten! she is all mine! I am paying for her, and all the treatments she needs and injections etc. I have named her Roxie & she is gorgeous! she looks like a little fox, plus she is fiesty so Roxie is the purrrrfect name.

My friends partners mum had kittens and two of them were twins, she had one and I had the other! she is 6.5 weeks old!

This kitten is so affectionate! she crys for cuddles and just loves people, my other cat phoebe is more of a "will do what she likes when she likes" kind of cat and hisses at us if we touch her! she was like that from when she was a kitten, so hopefully little Roxie will stay loving!

Cannot wait to scrap a layout on Roxie.