Saturday, 21 July 2007

Mini Book Fashion I Love Summer 2007

My little mini book of my favourite picks of this summers fashion! I thought It might be a good idea for a record of fashion and in 10 years time I can look back and think "argh I cannot believe I wore those, or wow I remember them" I will definately be creating on for Winter fashion 2007, its a nice historic record.

My parents have decorated the dinning room last month and have asked me to created two 12x12 designs which they want to put in a frame to display in the room. I am seriously honored that they think my work is good enough to put on their wall for everyone to see. My mum said she has a talented daughter who can make original designs & would like nothing more then for me to design her two pictures. They are going to give me two photos and want the pictures to coordinate with the room which is orange. I have gone through my scrapbook albums and products on the internet to get them to try to come up with ideas they might want me to include!
Aww how exciting is that! I really hope I do them proud with two wonderful pics! just think people who come in our house will be seeing my work!
Oh and I am sooooo annoyed I do not live in the USA! CHA is on this weekend and I would have loved to have gone!


Maaike said...

Great book. I love fashion. Hope to see you sometime on my blog. I have a great link to the website of Galiano (my fav designer)

Gail said...

Nikki the mini book on fashion is a great idea. You'll really appreciate it in years to come, showing your children / grandchildren what we wore in 2007. You've developing a very individual style, well done!

Melissa said...

OMG how flippin cool is that!!!