Saturday, 28 July 2007

Automatic 5am scrapping

This layout is for the OLW challenge the word was "Automatic" & I knew straight away that I would create a layout about how I automatically pick up my camera and take photos. I used my new Rouge De Garance papers which I just love! and got to have some fun with paint too! I was up this morning at 5am to finish this layout! LOL! now I know I have gone scrapbook mad! I started the layout last night and I was not really happy with it.........and I could not sleep for worrying that it was not how I wanted it to look, so 5am I got up and started from scratch! and I am happy with the results!

Today I went to see Hairspray! It was brilliant! John Travolta is brilliant! and the girl who plays the lead role is fabulous! such a nice feel good film that has you dancing and singing along!

Thursday, 26 July 2007

The Waiting Game

Gosh I cannot believe this! I ordered some gorgeous Hambly Rub ons (one of which is above) & I received an email from the shop advising me my order will not be completed until they return from holiday which I think is 3rd August! AHHH! I cannot wait for my rub ons! I am such a shop aholic! and very impatient! I am just going to have to be very patient!

Its my brothers birthday in two weeks and I have got to make time to make him a card.

Lots of scrapbook ideas are filling my brain! I have been jotting them down on my notepad & cannot wait till my notes become designs!

Sunday, 22 July 2007

Sunday Blues

I cannot believe my week off has ended! am dreading work tomorrow! instead of worrying about tomorrow I scrapped this layout today! the wonderful Macys in NYC! gosh I miss that place!
I used alot of star stamps in this layout! I have not used stamping in a while so thought I would get back into the habit of using them! I forget how great they can make a layout look!
Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday! I have just made flapjacks and ate about 3 ooops!
Love Nikki Monique

Saturday, 21 July 2007

Mini Book Fashion I Love Summer 2007

My little mini book of my favourite picks of this summers fashion! I thought It might be a good idea for a record of fashion and in 10 years time I can look back and think "argh I cannot believe I wore those, or wow I remember them" I will definately be creating on for Winter fashion 2007, its a nice historic record.

My parents have decorated the dinning room last month and have asked me to created two 12x12 designs which they want to put in a frame to display in the room. I am seriously honored that they think my work is good enough to put on their wall for everyone to see. My mum said she has a talented daughter who can make original designs & would like nothing more then for me to design her two pictures. They are going to give me two photos and want the pictures to coordinate with the room which is orange. I have gone through my scrapbook albums and products on the internet to get them to try to come up with ideas they might want me to include!
Aww how exciting is that! I really hope I do them proud with two wonderful pics! just think people who come in our house will be seeing my work!
Oh and I am sooooo annoyed I do not live in the USA! CHA is on this weekend and I would have loved to have gone!

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Goodies Lots Of Goodies!

Oh my! Look what that postman delivered to me this morning! WOOO! It arrived in 3 packages all at once! My heart literally skipped a beat with excitment! I always get excited to receive scrapbook parcels but this time the goodies were just too good lol.

The top picture is lots of American Craft Thicker Stickers, Rouge De Garance Papers (which are just gorgeous), below is some Sassafras Lass papers & Hambly overlays! (the pink one has not shown up too well on this photo). I am sooooooo please with my Hambly! they are even better in the flesh then I thought they would be. They are very good quality and smell delicious too!

Not in the photos is a Rouge De Garance mini kit! & American Craft Arrows which is full of bright papers! Argh I am so happy now I have all these goodies to play with, Its amazing how when your feeling low a box of scrappy goodies can make you the happiest person!

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

I'm A Winner

Firstly here is a sneak peek of a mini book I am working on! its a mixed of customised cardstock and various pattern papers! my aim is to complete it by the end of the week!

I cannot believe it! the talented Shimelle Laine Is starting a brand new online class called "A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words", last week she announced that she would give away a free class to a lucky person who left a comment between then and yesterday! & I WON!!!!! wooooooo! I am very excited!

This is the inspiration I need to make a book for my parents as its their 25th Anniversary this year!

Monday, 16 July 2007

Day From Hell

ARgh! today is my first day off of my week off work! and its been terrible! firstlymy car smoked up for no reason when I got to the shopping mall lucky though it seems ok.........which is odd........but at least I managed to get home safely! I went to register with a reqruitment consulatancy as I am looking for a new job, they told me they knew my company reallywell and rolled off some names, they said "oh dont worry this is confidential" but I cannot help worrying that they will tell my company I am job hunting........but they cant do this right?
well on the plus side I got alot of clothes from PRIMARK, 2 tops, a set of Pjs and two tops which I can lounge in which are really funky! I shall post pics! a belt and this all came to £30! I love PRimark on a good day! I mean every time I go its Saturday afternoon and there is nothing good worth buying, but as I went Monday morning the shelves were full!

The above layout is dedicated to my love of colour! I used Junkiz Salsa Celebration PPs and Felt shapes from Ki Memories!

Saturday, 14 July 2007

Lazy Days

I have a whole week off work! horray!!!!!! lots of time to chill out and scrapbook! I am hoping that my Rouge De Garance order will arrive this week along with some Hambly goodies I ordered from the US 2 weeks ago! so fingers crossed.

This layout is of phoebe! she spends all day sleeping on my bed! I managed to catch this cute picture of her with the sunlight pouring in!

The next layout is of my favourite spot in the west coast of the UK! I love just sitting on this bench with only my thoughts and looking onto the vast ocean. I used acrylic paints to paint onto the cardstock to create a wave/cloud effect.

Have a great weekend.

Love Nikki xx

Sunday, 8 July 2007

Acrylic Paint!

How girly is this layout? hehe! I used Love Elsie Betty papers for this! & customised black Bazzill Alphas using paint and sakura Glaze pens! Customising letters can open all kinds of doors! I paniked when I did not have any pink letters left but my brain kicked into action and came up with the idea to customise black letters pink.

I have discovered the wonders of Acrylic Paint!

You can do so much to a layout with Acrylic paint! the world is your seriously as in the above layout I used it for the letters and the pink border around the photo!
I have also created a layout today using Acrylic paint which I cannot upload now as my camera needs to go on charge! but yes I am loving Acrylic paint.
Off to go make Cherry and Coconut Muffins!

Friday, 6 July 2007

I am here!

I am alive! I am currently experimenting with some scrapbook ideas and hope to have some new layouts asap! I seem to have experienced an artists block so to speak but I am back on track now!

My latest news is I am hopefully getting a new Kitten! I already have Phoebe cat, but I am looking into getting a kitten! might not be until another few months but I cannot wait!