Sunday, 30 December 2007

Christmas Mini Book 2007

Here is my Christmas Mini Book 2007! I bought this acrylic album a couple of months ago, it was waiting for a special purpose LOL. I took quite a few photos this Christmas and seeing as I have been on holiday from work until Tuesday I have had time to make this Christmas album! and wow its so much fun! I seriously wish I had more time to create wonderful things.

Here is a little sneak peak of a layout I have created for my mum for her birthday, she is the big 50 this January, and seeing as she has got what she wanted for Christmas I have put my scrapping to use and have created two layouts for her to put in the dining room, I already created two for her last summer but they seem a bit "outdated" all I need now is two frames in the right size........which will be a difficult task!

Saturday, 29 December 2007

New Etsy Stuff

Hello!!!!!! I have been a busy bee! I have just created a new blog header (see above). I had alot of fun making this!

I could not sleep last night so I made more Foam flowers for my Etsy Shop

There are 3 new sets of 6 and a set of 8 and a set of 4! go check it out here The flower borders would be great as a journaling border or any border on a layout!

I woke up at 4am and could not get back to sleep so I thought I might as well be useful and make these Funky flowers. As you can see on my blog header I have added a Funky Foam flower.

I feel on a role this morning, I might scrap some more!

EDIT: I have completed my Christmas 2007 mini-book I need to Edit a few more photos but will update showing the Mini-book ASAP.

Thursday, 27 December 2007

Lots Of Time

A little sneak peak of something I am working on! As I am off work until Wednesday I have some time to do things I enjoy........Scrap!

I have had a great Christmas, spending time with the Family no arguments, we have all been getting along really well, playing our new Nintendo Wii! I love this picutre of my brother and I! he is so much taller than me.....he is two years younger and I always used to be taller than him! 2 years ago he just shot above me in height.

I got this gorgeous Valour Juicy purse from my parents, they bought it in the US and it was half the price I would pay for it here in the UK! I love it!!!
Me and my new camera! argh I LOVE THIS CAMERA! I have alot of reading through the instructions to do, its brilliant compared to my old camera.
I have eaten sooooo much, I have not been to the gym for a week and when I went today I really felt unfit! I got out of breath in 10 mins of my workout.
I am hoping to complete my little project tomorrow, so watch out for an update!

Monday, 24 December 2007



I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas! I am already in the festive spirit eating lots of festive food and listening to Christmas songs!
Tonight I am having a meal with my family in a local resturant! its a 4 course meal. I have my hair in curls so my hair will go curly. I am taking lots of pictures as I plan on making a Chrismtas 2007 album.
For now I will leave you with some Christmas cards I made which you can win over at Scrapping The Music. All you have to do is comment on the post and we will select a random winner who will win Christmas cards created by us on the DT.

Once again have a fabulous Christmas, Love Nikki xx

Saturday, 22 December 2007

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Yes Christmas is here at last!!!! yesterday at work was SO BUSY! all of our clients were chilling out and having a more relaxing day in the office eating mince pies and having a drink and we had too much work and knowone was in the festive spirit BAH humbug!!!!
While wishing the clock would turn to 5pm yesterday I had the idea to buy my mum some flowers. my local florist made up this gorgeous bouquet of flowers, roses and Christmas flowers!
My mum has been feeling down lately and has some worries with her health, we are waiting for worrying results, right ontop of Christmas so I thought these would cheer her up..........and they sure did, she cried with happiness.

So its now busy busy, here is my plans for the next few days.

  • Today - Food Shopping at 7am - total cost £170 ($300)
    Tonight we have family over, my aunt, uncle and cousians, they are arriving in an hour, I must get ready. We might set up our Nintendo Wii tonight aaah so exciting.
  • Sunday - My mum and I are going to the movies to watch "St Trinians" Colin Firth is in it, and my mum had a huge crush on him. we will come home and make sausage rolls and ice our Christmas cake. Eat leftovers from tonights buffet.
  • Christmas Eve - I will go to the cemetery with my mum to lay a wreath where my nan and Grandad were laid to rest. We will then cook for most of the day, chestnut stuffing, trifle, peel the veg for the next day. We are going for a family meal in a restaurant in the evening.
  • Christmas Day - Traditional family Christmas.......the older generation fall asleep after dinner!
  • Boxing Day (day after Christmas) - go to the gym, visit some friends for some drinks, then come home and eat leftovers from Chritmas dinner yummy!


Thursday, 20 December 2007


I am taking part in 365 over at Flickr! the name of the game is to take a self portrait for every day of the does not always have to be you face it could just have your hand or your feet. I really want to do my best to do this!!! I am hopefully getting a new Camera for Christmas, which will really help as my current camera is rubbish and its really difficult to edit photos with! here is my flickr page.

ONE MORE DAY AT WORK THEN 11 DAYS OF HOLIDAY!!!!!!!! aaaaaaah I cannot wait!!!!!!! I booked time off as the office closes for a couple of days and I used two days leave so I end up having 11 days off! thats a result as I have worked so hard the last couple of months, trying to get a bonus! so I need the break!

How long do you all get off at Christmas?

Love Nikki xx

Sunday, 16 December 2007

Bubble Wrap Tutorial & Festive Layouts.

This layout is for this weeks challenge at Scrapping The Music the song is of course "Rockin Around The Christmas Tree". Go and join the challenge we would love to see you there. I loved creating this layout, its fun and happy! I used Love Elsie Noel pp which I cut into stripes and doodled around. I created a paper posie, inked and painted. I used giant Ric Rak ribbon which goes really well with the layout, I added some rub ons to the layout and photo. The photo was taken December 06 when my mum and I went to Dublin Ireland, a waiter in the restaurant took of us infront of the Christmas tree. I also doodled on the alphas.......I could not resist lol.

This layout I did for the latest Mojo challenge! I know its Christmas when I can smell all these foods and I am baking yummy festive food. I wrote all Christmas food around the layout, used some fun Love Elsie fun embellies, doodled border and used Bubble wrap which I painted and stamped on the layout. Here is how to use Bubblewrap! I am sure with all the Christmas presents you have and scrapping orders you recieve you have mountains of bubble wrap around

Measure how much you want to use on your layout, I usually roughly cut it! then find some paint in the color you wish to use, and paint on the bubble wrap be careful not to pop any bubbles lol!
Once the paint has been applied, flip the bubble wrap so the paint side is facing down ready, find a space on your layout where you would like to stamp the bubble wrap. Now gently press the bubblewrap down onto your page, pressing down all over the back of the bubblewrap so that the paint will stamp. Now carefully peal back the bubble wrap to reveal a cool funky pattern!
Go on, give it a go! If you are brave enough to use this technique comment with your layouts, I would loved to see them.

Sunday, 9 December 2007

Bubba Ro

Thank you to all of you who have asked how Roxie is! she is! I tell you it was wonderful collecting her from the Vet! and she has not left my side since, she is sitting with me now as I type this. Roxies op went really well, she has had a big patch of fur shaved off........and as she is a long haired kitty it looks awful poor thing!!!

As soon as we let her out of her cage and into the hall she came out and woddled upstairs, she is so fiesty and a little fighter nothing gets in her way, she was eating normally within 10 minutes of being home, and she jumped into the Christmas tree about 6 hours after being home! so normal confident Roxie is back!!! yesterday she slept ALOT! and today she is much better. We take her to the vet for them to check everything looks ok tomorrow, but she is doing great.

As she has not left my side all weekend I decided to scrap a layout of Roxie and the title "Bubba Ro" is one of her nicknames, my printer stopped working again, so I have had to use a picture of her taken two months ago. I used Ki memories, Pop cluture collection! I love the paper line.

I have managed to get my hands on a Nintendo WII for Christmas! its a big craze here in the UK and we love fun interactive games in my family, so I bought it for everyone in my family as one present which is easier for me. We are going to open it the weekend before Christmas so 2 weeks time, cannot wait!!!

Friday, 7 December 2007

Naughty & Nice

Today I took the day off work to go Christmas shopping! and when I got back I was really in the festive mood and scrapped this layout "Naughty & Nice" I have been looking forward to digging into my Love Elsie "Noel" collection, today seemed the perfect day to scrap.

Roxie is at the vets being spayed! I cried when I dropped her off! the vet is lovely though and I know she will be in safe hands. I can pick her up in a couple of hours. The vet said they would call me to let me know the op went ok, but I have not heard anything yet.
Here is a a pic of my Christmas Tree! its very traditional and all the decorations are from different places in the world each one tells a story, thats why our tree is so special. You can see the vegas decoration, the mikey mouse ears I bought back from Disney Paris, the gingerbread man is from Stratford upon Avon! we have so many decorations I could look at them all day!

The house seems soooo quiet without Roxie Kitten........I don't like it!!!! I might go and do some more scrapping to keep myself busy while I wait for the vet to call.

Tuesday, 4 December 2007


As you all know I am part of an amazing DT at Scrapping The Music there is a a DT call for 3 new DT members! If you love music and want to inspire others make sure you apply! full details of the call is HERE I am really excited about the call! you will find out before Christmas if you have made it on the team!!!

This gorgeous tags came in the post yesterday morning! thank you to Elles Studio! I cannot wait to use them!

I have Friday off work! I am taking Roxie to be spayed! awww my poor baby! some might say she is only a cat but she is like a friend to me! I love her! and I feel guity leaving her at the vets to have an op..........however I think its better than letting her have kittens!

I might go Christmas shopping to Friday to take my mind off Roxie otherwise I will be worried, we get to pick her up at 4pm so she will have me looking after her the whole weekend!

Sunday, 2 December 2007

Crazy Week.

This layout is for the latest OLW challenge to use the word "Live" I do feel like I live to scrap! its all I think about! at the gym, work when I am trying to sleep I am thinking of Scrapping Ideas. I am thinking of using this as a new Blog Header!

This layout is for this weeks challenge at Scrapping The Music! the song is Fergies "Big Girls Don't Cry" I do cry so I changed the words :D
This week has been soooooooo mad in my house! the boiler broke and a pipe in my loft burst right above my wardrobe! water dripped from the ceiling and If I had not woke up at 3am and heart the water falling I would have lost all my scrapbook pages! as well as photos and clothes (which are replacable) but photos and scrapbook pages are memories! we were lucky!
We have had 3 days without heating! which as you can imagine has been really difficult but we have managed and a plumber came to fix everything yesterday and its ok now! I have a nice warm house again.

Saturday, 24 November 2007


YAY! my printer and scanner is all working again! every day I have got it working again it broke down again the next day.......but its been 3 days now and its still thats got to be good right? so I was able to print this picture of Starbucks Christmas Hot chocolate and scrap the above layout for this weeks challenge at Category Stories the challenge was "Warmth" and I had the idea almost automatically to do a layout of Starbucks hot chocolate. For me its "Instant Warmth" there is nothing better than being cold and buying a yummy hot chocolate from Starbucks to Warm you up.

Last night I went christmas shopping straight from work! it was manic, soooooo busy that I could not enjoy shopping, and thats a Friday night, I dread to think what its like Saturday and Sunday!

Lastly I received a parcel full of Ki memories new "Pop Culture" collection! I love it!!!!
Today I am cleaning the house, then going into the country to a farmshop to buy frozen chestnuts for our Christmas chestnut stuffing! they are already pealed and cooked, you just have to defrost and chop! so much easier! we have had stuffing gone wrong with chestnuts you have to peel and cook yourself!

Saturday, 17 November 2007


At last!!! I can scrap!!!!!!! I have had 10 days without a printer.......and this morning I got it working again, I printed 4 pictures and then the printer stopped working again!!!!!!!!!! which is kind of annoying, but on the bright side I have the four pictures I wanted to scrap with. Hopefully an engineer will be over this week to fix it.

The above photo I have used the gorgeous "Zoe" range from "Love Elsie". I had this idea in my head for ages!!!!! the scan came out a little bright as that is not working well either.

It has got very cold here in the UK the last week! frost all over the car in the morning, so I have to leave 10 mintues early to get the ice off my car! I kind of like it though.......I love this time of year!

Sunday, 11 November 2007

A Couple Of Layouts & Scrapping The Music

Here is a layout I created today! I was in the mood to scrap a really bright layout, I feel down today because I have been off work all week and have to go back tomorrow, so to take that dread feeling away I scrapped! its the best therapy lol. This photo is of my brother and I years ago, its such a happy picture, we are drinking non alcholic cocktails! I used Hambly, KI memories felt flowers, foam flowers customised by me you can buy in my etsy shop. Buttons, Queen and Co felt, paint.
Here is my layout for this weeks challenge at Scrapping The Music we have an amazing prize, there will be two winners and two prizes this week! so exciting!
I used some of the lyrics to this weeks song in the border of the photo.
Hope your having a great weekend.

Saturday, 10 November 2007

Picture Post

This is such a bad pic of me! no makeup and awful hair which I covered up with a hat, a quick picture of me and Roxie just before I went to the shops to buy some bread for lunch.

Hershey bar which my parents bought back from Las Vegas! we dont get this chocolate here in the UK, we have cadbury's which is probably better chocolate but its nice to have something different.

They bought me 3 packets of these as I love them! when I went to NYC I bought a bucket of these home from the Hershey shop in Times Square lol

Ok these were a BARGIN! here in the UK Timberlands are £100 which is roughly converted $180, but because of the great conversion rate at the moment these boots were $40 which is £20! so I have saved like £80! these boots are somthing I wear for casual days and walking! I cannot believe the price of them!

Lastly a sneak peak of my layout for tomorrows challenge at Scrapping The Music!

Thursday, 8 November 2007

Questions Please

I created this lo yesterday at like 6am LOL the idea for this girly hello kitty lo came into my head and I had to scrap it, yeah I know its mega pink but I think it suits the layout. Roxie always follows me around the house and I always say "hello kitty".

My parents are back from Vegas tomorrow! I have really missed being able to speak to them! and Its been hard work having to clean the whole house all the time, normally my mum and I share the jobs but its been such hard work......and Roxie has been a naughty kitty! seriously jumping into washing machines eating wires......all things which could kill her she has been doing.

Ok I am bored Ask me some questions?????????? go on! it can be scrap related to favourites........anything PLEASE COMMENT WITH A QUESTION!
I need a little task lol. I will type the answers and make a post of the questions and answers!

I was also thinking it would be really cool to do a watch this space I shall make a post! :D

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Week Of Relaxation

All is good today because I have my new "Love Elsie" goodies, my first delivery arrived today, I am still waiting for my USA package but half of it is here WOOOO! and of course I jumped right into the stash and created this fun lo "Creative". I used pink a pink background and cut out the patchwork style squares from the Zoe pp and stuck them on individually. The foam flower is handmade available in my Etsy shop. I doodled buttons to frame the photo & ribbon to frame the jounaling.

I love how this turned out, my brother says this is his favourite of all my pages and is very creative. lol

This layout is for this weeks challenge at scrapping the music The challenge this week is the song "Best Days" go check it out!

My week off so far is going well, I am still recovering from my virus, but I managed a trip to Bluewater my favourite shopping mall, I bought a new top and kind of made the mistake of walking into a shop called "Hotel Chocolat" which of course is full of chocolate, and I spent some money on some rocky road and various other chocolate slabs.........I have such a sweet tooth.

Saturday, 3 November 2007

My Etsy

Here is some news! I have opened an Etsy Store......... FUNKY DESIGNS

At the moment there are 3 sets of 4 handpainted/handdoodled foam flowers, which was inspired by my little cousian as she had to do an art project and I took her to hobbycraft and looking at kids crafts and found foam shapes including flowers. We added glitter for her project but then I decided to make the leftover foam flowers into cute funky embelishments!

I am hoping to put together some mini kits too soon! but I wanted to test the water so to speak and see if these flowers are a hit and if they are I will create some more. I have just created a paypal account so I hope that all works!

Also I have the whole week of work! horray!!!!!!!!! and Love Elsies Zoe and Noel ranges came out in the UK on Friday so I ordered a next day delivery, so the order will be dispatched Monday and I will receive it Tuesday WOOOOOOO!

I also have some yummy Hambly to play with!

Have a great weekend Love Nikki

Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Sneaky Peaky

This is a sneak peak of my layout for next weeks challenge at scrapping the music. I made it a bit blurry to not give much away! but you can tell its a bright colorful layout.

I have next week off work and my parents are going to vegas, which means the whole house to myself WOOOOO! well Roxie will be here and Steven (my brother) but he will be at school until 3pm. That means lots of scrapping again WOOOOO!

I have a really bad cold, its more like flu as I am really achy, I had two days of work last month as I was sick so I cannot really go sick again..........just my luck, I go a year without being sick then I am sick twice in two months. I really struggled today I was closing my eyes at my desk and then jumping back into reality! I cannot wait till next week! freedom for one week.

I am have a little project I am working on, I have all the ideas I just need to do some shopping, crafting and then put it together. stay tuned lol!

Friday, 26 October 2007

La Weekend Is Here

Ok I have GOT to do something about this scrapbook shopping addiction! seriously I am spending way to much money! but sometimes things are so wonderful you just have to have these cute little chipboard buttons from Adrienne Loomans Etsy store!

I bought the ones above and these black and white ones.

I cannot wait to receive these I have ideas of how to use them already. I am off to London to do some shopping.........I know I said I would not spend anymore, BUT i am not going for me.......I am going for my mum........she wants some clothes, I will not spend any money.........but selfridges is too nice.

Have a great weekend xx

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Layouts For My Bedroom Wall Part 2

I did my 2nd layout for my newly decorated bedroom Sunday "Roxie" the little cutie, this photo was taken the first week I got her. She is alot bigger now she is 20 weeks old! went crazy with doodles, buttons and used some stamps which I used pen to give a bit of color. The paper posie is handmade and painted :D

Here are the two pictures in their glory!!! they really look good together and really brighten up my wall! I still have a whole wall to play with! I am trying to decide what I want on that wall. The thing about these frames are that I can take these layouts out and change them if I want. I think I will leave these up for the winter and change the layouts in the spring.

The UK has hit a cold spell at the moment! its freeeeeeeeezing! I had to wear gloves and a scarf! winter is officially here! and I love it! my favourite time of year, coming home from work to a nice warm house and drinking hot chocolate on a Sunday and that cozy feeling!